AMO Seminar Schedule
Fridays @ 4:00pm, RLM 5.104
Physics Events
AMO Seminars for Spring 2011

January 28

Prof. Wilfried Meyer
Univ. of Kaiserslautern
"Nuclear motion in degenerate states of Jahn-Teller molecules: High-resolution spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations for Alkali trimers and C3+"

February 4

Robert Ehlert
""Optical second-harmonic generation (SHG) and reflectance-anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS) of molecular adsorption at vicinal Si(001) surfaces"

February 11

Prof. Klaus Kirsten
Baylor Univ.
"Zeta functions everywhere"

February 18

Prof. George Welch
Texas A&M
"title tba"

February 25

Prof. Mike Becker
"Ultra-precise laser beam profile and pattern generation"

March 4

Dr. Bruce Klappauf
Univ. of British Columbia
"Canadian Collision Coverage"

March 11

no speaker scheduled for this date yet
"title tba"

March 25

Dr. Florian Schreck
Univ. Innsbruck
"Strongly interacting 6Li 40K Fermi mixture & Quantum degenerate strontium"

April 1

Prof. Phil Brooks
Rice University
"How chemical reaction depends on molecular orientation"

April 8

cancelled speaker
"title tba"

April 15

Prof. Adilet Imambekov
Rice Univ.
"Exact Solution for 1D Spin-Polarized Fermions with Resonant Interactions"

April 22

no speaker scheduled for this date yet
"title tba"

April 29

Prof. Boris Svistunov
U. Mass. Amherst
"title tba"

May 6

no speaker scheduled for this date yet
"title tba"
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