University of Texas
Duane Alfred Dicus
December 18, 1955–



Duane Alfred Dicus


Duane Discus

Duane Discus was born on November 23., Everest Alfred and Norma May Greenaway Discus in Pateros, Okanogan, Washington.His father was foreman for an apple warefouse.

Duane married Mary Sandra Schultz on November 1, 1957 in the Epiphany Church in Seattle, Washington. Sandra was born in Wenotfhee, WA.


He retired in 2019.









Duane A. Discus Photo Album

Everest Alfred Dicus, father of Duane Dicus
Duane Dicus at work in his office, University of Texas at Austin
Duane A. Dicus

Duane Dicus


Duan Dicus, University of Washington, 1958


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