University of Texas,
UT Second Faculty 1884-85


Second UT Faculty

THE SECOND FACULTY, 1884-85 (Description written in “University of Texas Record” in 1908.)

Bramlette, Dr. Edgar E., Assistant Instructor in Mathematics and Ancient Languages, 1883-84; Assistant Instructor in Ancient Languages, 1884-85; now Superintendent of Schools at Texarkana, Texas.

Dabney, Dr. R. L., Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, 1883-94, came from Hampden-Sidney College, VA. and during the war was a member of Stonewall Jackson's stalf. He died in 1898, in Victoria, Texas.

Everhart, Dr. Edgar E., Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1884-89; Professor of Chemistry, 1889-94, when he resigned and went to Decatur, Ga.

Garrison, Dr. George Pierson, Assistant Instructor in English and History, 1884-88; Assistant Professor of History, 1889-90; Adjunct Professor of History, 1890-91; Associate Professor of History, 1891-97; Professor of History, 1897-.

Gompertz, Charles F., Assistant Instructor in Modern Language, 1884-86.

Gould, Judge Robert S., Professor of Law, 1833-1904; died at his home in Austin in the summer of 1904.

Halsted, Dr. George Bruce, Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 1884-90; Professor of Pure Mathematics, 1890-1902. He now lives in Colorado.

Harrison, Dr. James F., Associate Professor of Physics, 1884-85. (Only known photograph of Harrison–Mel Oakes.)

Humphreys, Dr. Milton W., Professor of Ancient Languages, 1883-87; came from Vanderbilt University and since his resignation in 1887 has been Professor of Greek at the University of Virginia.

Lane, Dr. Alvin V., Assistant Instructor in Mathematics and Graphics, 1884-85; Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1885-88; resigned to enter the banking business, which he has since followed in Dallas.

Roberts, O. M., Professor of Law, 1883-1993; was Governor of Texas, 1879-83. He died at his home in Austin in 1898.

Tallichet, Dr. H., Professor of Modern Languages, 1883-91; died in Austin in 1894.

Waggener, Dr. Leslie, Professor of English Language, History, and Literature, 1883-94; Professor of English, 1887-96; Chairman of the Faculty, 1884-94; and President ad interim, 1895-96. He died in Colorado in the summer of 1896.


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