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I'm a graduate student in the Physics Department of the University of Texas at Austin. I am co-advised by Prof. Phil Morrison and Prof. Mark Raizen.


My research lies primarily in experimental observations of Brownian motion, although my interests are broader. I intend to diversify into doing theoretical work concerning Brownian motion as well as explore other aspects of matter models once our experiments yield fruit.

I have worked with experiments on measuring Brownian Motion with the Raizen Group. Our experiment successfully measured the hydrodynamic instantaneous velocity (calculated using an effective mass) of a microsphere suspended in acetone executing Brownian motion. The results were published in Science in early 2014. Thereafter, we made improvements to our set up so that we could acquire a large number of trajectories of the same particle, in order to amass enough statistics to test the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution in the tails. Our results were published in Optics Express in early 2015. I continue to collaborate with the Raizen group on experiments related to Brownian motion.

On the theoretical side, I am broadly interested in fluid mechanics and matter models, and I am trying to see if existing hydrodynamic theories of Brownian motion can be improved. Experimental work, however, takes up most of my time today.


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