Charles Chiu

UT Distinguished Teaching Professor
Department of Physics
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Office: 512-471-1707; RLM 10.206
fax: 512-471-9637
Teaching and Research at UT (1971-2013)
Curriculum Vitae


·         Click here, see links under the bullet in Section III.2.

·         Course on Modern elementary particle physics and QCD: Phy 396J



Past and ongoing research work (See curriculum vitae for a list of selected publications)

  • High Energy Experimental Physics (1962-65)
  • Particle Physics: Theory and Phenomenology (1966- present)
  • Qualitative Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence (1985-88)
  • Acoustic Agglomeration & Aerosol dynamics (1994-1996)
  • Physics Education (1995 – present)
  • Laser-plasma physics (1998 – present)
  • Nuclear Theory. Relativistic heavy ion collisions and gluon plasma physics. (Fall 2004 – present)
  • QCD based research in strong interaction physics. Supervised doctorate dissertation of Man Fung Cheung and of Matt Haley. They graduated in 2011. See CV for more details.

Full list of publications:

·        in Particle Physics up to 1965. click here

·        in late 90s including physics education. click here

·        in Laser-plasma physics (1998-present). click here

·        in Particle Physics and Nuclear theory (2004 to present): click here