Research work of Prof. Chiu in Laser-plasma physics


Affiliation and Collaborations:

·         Institute for Fusion Study: Collaborating Scientist

·         FOCUS: Faculty/Scientist. PI of seed funding program of NSF-FOCUS, 2003.

·         Collaborators: Professors Toshi Tajima, Michael Downer, Wendell Horton and Dr. Boris Breizman of University of Texas at Austin and Professor Yukiharu Ohsawa of Nagoya University of Japan

·         Dissertation student: Mykhailo Fomytskyi (Dr. Boris Breizman was MF's co-supervisor. Graduated in Fall, 2004)


Publications in laser-plasma physics: From 2000 to 2007

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5.     K. K. Kainz, K. R. Hogstrom, J. A. Antolak, P. R. Almond, C. D. Bloch, C. CHIU, M. Fomyts'kyi, F. Raischel, M C Downer, T. Tajima, "Dose properties of a laser accelerated electron beam and prospects for clinical application,"  Med. Phys. 31, 2053 (2004). Recipient of the AAPM's Farrington Daniels Award as one of the top papers published in that journal during 2004.

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