Resonance Workshop at UT Austin

March 5-7 2012

Hadronic resonance production in heavy ion and elementary collisions


This workshop is dedicated to the topic of hadronic resonance production in elementary and heavy-ion reactions, covering experimental results over a large range of collision energies (SIS, SPS, RHIC, LHC). Phenomenological and theoretical approaches will address resonance yields, spectra, their spectral modifications in medium, as well as relations to (partial) chiral symmetry

 restoration as a precursor of the QCD transition. In particular, medium effects in heavy ion collision need to be put into context with results from small collision systems vs. the description of a fire ball expansion including an extended hadronic phase after the QCD phase, which might modify the signatures. Both hadronic and dileptonic decay channels, and their consistency, will be discussed. A specific goal of the workshop is to develop a "wish list" for new data and calculations to serve as a guideline for experimentalists and theorists to advance our understanding of the properties of resonances in partonic and hadronic matter.

Organizing Committee:

Angela Badala (INFN Catania)

Marcus Bleicher (Frankfurt University)

Laura Fabbietti (T. University Munich)

Thomas Hemmick (Stony Brook University)

Jerry Hoffmann (UT Austin)

Christina Markert (UT Austin)

Ralf Friedrich Rapp (Texas A&M)

Joachim Stroth (Frankfurt University)

Local Organizing Committee:

Annie Harding

Lisa Olds   

Olga Vorloou

Workshop Sponsors:

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Università di Catania.

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