The approach to describing forces in terms of bosons works only if the bosons are massless, like the photon and gluons. So to do the same for the weak force, which has bosons with mass up to 90 times the mass of the proton, theorists invented the “Higgs field,” which lurks in the vacuum and interacts with actually massless particles such as the electron, neutrino and quarks, to give them the small masses they have, and to provide a large mass for the actually massless bosons of the weak force. The particle manifestation of this field, the Higgs, has finally been found. Since the Higgs does exist, then all mass is a result of interactions, and there is no genuine mc2 term anywhere in the full energy of any object. The pointlike, dimensionless particles of nature very likely have no actual mass... which perhaps ought not to come as any surprise.

Beam energy 7 TeV, aka 7 million MeV or 7000 proton masses.