Fall 2011 Seminar Schedule

The Pizza Seminar, Physics 396T

Tuesdays, 5 -- 6:30 PM, RLM 7.104

Date Faculty Speaker Research Topic
August 30
September 6
Sept. 13 None
Sept. 20 Prof. Dan Heinzen Intense Coherent Atomic Source!
Sept. 27 No seminar due to confusion
about timing of Departmental Open House.  (Reports from Sept. 20 are due at seminar time)
Oct. 4 Prof. Can Kilic "A Special Time for Particle Physics: What we may be about to uncover!"
Oct. 11 Prof. E.-L. Florin CELLS: A playground for physicists!
Oct. 18 Prof. John Markert Magnetic Resonance Microscopy!
Oct. 25 Prof. Manfred Fink Raman Spectroscopy Reinvented!
Nov. 1 Prof. Francois Waelbroeck Multiscale plasma dynamics!
Nov. 8 Dr. Lanny Ray QCD Studies with RHIC and LHC!
Nov. 15 None
Reports of 11/8 due on 11/15 at 5 PM.
Nov. 22 None
Nov. 29 Prof Roy Schwitters The Texas Maya Muon Project

Reports of 11/29 due on 12/6 at 5 PM

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