Fall 2005 Seminar Schedule

Physics 396T

Tuesdays, 5 -- 6:30 PM, RLM 7.104

Date Faculty Speaker Research Topic
September 6
No seminar this week
September 13
No seminar this week
September 20
Prof. Dan Heinzen
Ultracold Atoms and Molecules!
September 27
Prof. Ken Shih
Quantum Engineering of Nanostructures!
October 4
Prof. Mike Marder
How Things Break!
October 11
No seminar this week
October 18
Prof. Austin Gleeson
The Maya Muon Project!
October 25
Prof. Todd Ditmire
The Texas Petawatt Laser Project!
November 1
Prof. Wendell Horton
Space Physics: Challenges and Opportunities!
November 8
Prof. Alex  de Lozanne
Cool Microscopy, Hot Tamales!   Or, Gone to Chihuahua!
November 15
Prof. Josh Klein
How Weird is Our World?  Reactor Antineutrinos as the Gateway to Even Stranger Physics!
November 22
No speaker
November 29
Prof. Allan MacDonald
Magnetic Semiconductors!
December 6
Prof. Linda Reichl
Control of Quantum Dynamics with Intense Laser Pulses!

Note well: I have a surprising number of faculty members already down for presenting a Pizza Seminar for Spring 2006. If you also would like to give such a seminar, get in touch with Coker in December 2005 or January 2006.

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Last update: September 28, 2005