Fall 2007 Pizza Seminar Schedule

Physics 396T

Tuesdays, 5 -- 6:30 PM, RLM 7.104

Date Faculty Speaker Research Topic
September 4
Prof. Lothar Frommhold        
Supermolecules and the Age of the Universe!!
September 11
No speaker
September 18
Prof. Karol Lang
September 25
Prof. George Shubeita
Playing "Tug-of-War" With Molecular Motors!
October 2
Dr. Lanny Ray
Nuclear Physics in the 21st Century!
October 9
Dr. Brian R. La Cour
Physics Research Opportunities at Applied Research Labs!
October 16
Prof. Todd Ditmire
Physics at 1,000,000,000,000,000 Watts!!
October 23
Prof. Dan Heinzen
Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Atoms!
October 30
Dr. Marcia Isakson From Buried Treasure to Catastrophe Theory:
More Physics Opportunities at Applied Research Labs!
November 6
No speaker
no seminar
November 13
Prof. John Markert
Micro-oscillators, Micromagnets, and Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy!
November 20
No speaker
no seminar
November 27
Prof. Mark Raizen

The Atomic Coil-Gun and Single-Photon Cooling: New Frontiers in Controlling Atomic Motion
December 4      
No speaker
no seminar

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