Optical Illusion of the Week!

Since childhood, whenever I look at the full moon, I see the profile of a woman. What do you see? I have never been able to see any other pattern. [On the computer screen you will see such patterns most "clearly" by squinting slightly, to reduce the sharpness of your vision.]

You might ask the following question. What evolutionary advantage does this tendency to see a pattern (often a very consistent, unchanging pattern) in total randomness confer to humans?

Can you see other patterns, besides the woman in profile?

Really go wild here!

Want to see the next illusion in the set?

Now here's a real vision test for you. Stare intently at the blurred rectangle below for about 30 seconds. Can you see a giraffe? Or are you hallucinating?

Finally, do you see anything on the far side of the moon, the side never visible from earth? Find out here.