Optical Illusion of the Week

Nice photo of coffee beans, but it has been manipulated in a subtle way. Among the beans is hidden a human face. It is surprisingly difficult to find the face at first, but once you find it, it seems instantly obvious at a glance from then on. You can come back to the image weeks later and find the face at once, no matter how long it took you to find it the first time. Strange, or typical? [Click on the image to see many more very nice manipulated images.]

Next in the set?

Speaking of hidden faces and figures, back in the early 1970s I met an artist named Bev Dolittle who had for sale some incredible prints of her paintings. Not only were the paintings photorealistic, but they often involved eye-blasting illusions, mainly of camouflage. If her work is new to you, I supply two examples below. She soon became world-famous and her work is widely available and widely appreciated today.

"Woodland Encounter"

"Two Indian Ponies"--- if you are using a good web browser which shows all images full size, you will need to scroll right to see the entire painting. If you are using the more common, relatively worthless browser (think "Exploder") you will see what might as well be a postage stamp. Why not get a good web browser?

Bev Dolittle