PHYSICS 341, Spring 2012 -- It's Pseudoscience!
The Psychic Webpages!

These web pages can read your mind. Try them! Some may be obvious in working, some may be more subtle:

The animal and fruit

Clifford Pickover's ESP experiment with playing cards

Online Mind-reading from British mentalist Chris Cox!

ESP Experiment!

The Thought-Of Number Revealed! [I think this is the best of all those listed!]

I'll guess your number!

A video prediction by the great British psychologist and magician, Richard Wiseman.

An interesting psychic stunt with Tarot cards!

The Mysterious Crystal Ball and the Thought-of Symbol! Another version here. The original version is still the best.

A Max Maven Mindgame!

Planetary Mindreading! Clicking on the link takes you a page that explains how to set up your computer to read the mind of a friend. Read the instructions, set the page, then go find a sucker... uh, friend, to accomplish the amazing feat with. A similar on-line trick that you can fool your friends with is Mr. Almighty, who can answer any question, with a little secret help from you.

Space Police! You can run, but not hide!

He'll find the card!

Pick yet another card! [Works only on Explorer]

A telephone number mystery!

Your basic Mindreading!

The Astrological Mystery!

A Challenge Prediction!

One of the oldest mindreading tricks out there; I had a version in my Cub Scout Magic Set in 1949. But it still fools some.

The Spell of 7!

The Domino Mystery! [Works only on Explorer]

The Magic Tiles! [Not a particularly good trick but it does test your powers of observation in several ways. A slightly more sophisticated version is here.]

Now I See It!

The Clock of Mystery!

An Experiment with Coins!

Another thought-of card negatively revealed!

Mindreading with Tarot cards? Right here for you.!

The Psychic Eyeball can answer any question whatsoever that you have in mind, if you're not too critical!

20 Questions? This is supposedly an "artifical intelligence" program. I tried it quite a few times and it never came anywhere close to the item I was thinking of, even in 25 to 30 questions. I'd say it's an example of artificial stupidity, but maybe you will have better luck. On the other hand, here is one that is similar, but actually works quite well.

The Mind-Reading Chicken, probably the very worst of all the on-line mind-reading items!!

Are you psychic? Ask Billy Smith!

Screenshot of webpage.
You'll find quite a few websites with names like "Psychic Test," that the creators may erroneously think are legitimate. They use the Java equivalent of a "random number generator," and ask you to predict the outcome before it is generated. On the left you see an example of my running of the Java applet at A random number generator generates either H or T in a simulated coin-toss, after you predict the outcome, and records the results. You can see from the screenshot that in 100 guesses I consistently far exceeded the chance level of 50%. How was this possible? No supernatural abilities were needed. Can you guess my secret?

These are typical of the miserable results you will achieve if you are unhappily “not psychic.”

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