Spring 2006 Seminar Schedule

The Pizza Seminar, Physics 396T

Tuesdays, 5 -- 6:30 PM, RLM 7.104

Date Faculty Speaker Research Topic
24 January
No speaker
31 January
Sacha Kopp
First Results from the Main Injector  Neutrino Oscillation Search at Fermilab
7 February
No speaker
14 February
Qian Niu
Berry Phase Effect on the Electron!
21 February
Duane Dicus
Introduction to Neutrinos!
28 February
No speaker
7 March
Ernst-Ludwig Florin
Biophysics and Biological Physics: From Molecules to Organisms
21 March
Richard Fitzpatrick
Magnetic Reconnection Theory!
28 March
Jim Chelikowsky
Nanocrystals, Nanowires and the Role of Quantum Confinement!
4 April
Gennady Shvets
Negative Index Materials!
11 April
Richard Matzner
Gravitational Radiation: LIGO at full sensitivity!
18 April
Mark Raizen
Experiments with a 'Particle in a Box': Bose-Einstein Condensates and Maxwell's Demon!
25 April
Jacques Distler
Phenomenological Issues in String Theory

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