Spring 2007 Seminar Schedule

The Pizza Seminar, Physics 396T

Tuesdays, 5 -- 6:30 PM, RLM 7.104

Date Faculty Speaker Research Topic
23 January
No seminar

30 January
No seminar
Important: attend Dr. Michael Syphers' Physics Colloquium Jan. 31!
6 February
Prof. Elaine Li
Probing and Controlling Quantum Dynamics in Solids!
13 February
Prof. Mike Marder
Crumpling, Buckling, and Cracking!
20 February
Prof. Sacha Kopp
Neutrino Oscillations at Fermilab...
27 February
Dr. Dylan Thein
Introduction to Spin Physics at STAR...
6 March
Prof. Gennady Shvets
20 March
Prof. Ernst-Ludwig Florin
Biophysics Research at the CNLD!
27 March
Prof. Ken Shih
Fun physics with artificial atoms!
3 April
Prof. Harry Swinney
Emergence of Spatial Patterns in Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems!
10 April
No seminar
The previously scheduled seminar has been cancelled due to a change in travel plans
17 April
Prof. Josh Klein
Dark Matters!
24 April
Prof. James Erskine
Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures!
1 May
Prof. Eric Prebys
Accelerator Physics at Fermilab!

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