Office: RLM 10.324
Telephone: (512) 471-3960
FAX: (512) 471-9637 (departmental)

BEC & EDM Lab: RLM 2.304
BEC Phone: (512) 475-9183
EDM Phone: (512) 475-9183
Grad Student Office: RLM 2.206A

CAS Phone: (512) 471-7637

Mailing Address:
Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin
2511 Speedway Blvd; RLM 5.208
Austin, TX 78712



Welcome to the

Ultracold Atomic Physics Group


The University of Texas at Austin!

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Here at the Heinzen lab, we study interesting issues in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics. We currently have three active research projects, all of which use ultracold atoms in some way or another. We are currently in the market for graduate students on the electron electric dipole moment (EDM) and cold atom source (CAS) experiments, which are described in pages linked to by the "Research" tab above. Interested students should click the "Join Us!" tab above as well, to see exactly what we're looking for.