Welcome to the Classwork Problems Web Page!

Classwork Problems are PDF files which present a problem along with the answer and solution. Since the problems are PDF files, you will need a PDF viewer installed on your machine in order to actually view the files on your screen or to display them on the video projector. Generally printing is also best done from inside a PDF viewer.

We also have a small number of PowerPoint slides available for use. These will require you to have a PowerPoint viewer of some sort available on your machine.

For further instructions on editing and using the Classwork Problems, see the Instructions page.

Otherwise select the problem category from the list below:

Once inside the appropriate category, you will find two links: projector and transparencies.

Projector files are for use with a video projector in multi-media classrooms. They are formatted into two pages, with the question on the first page, and the answer/solution on the second page. This is so that you can project the questions and answers on the screen independently.

Transparencies are for use with a standard overhead projector (print the transparencies first). They are formatted as a single (divided) page, so you can cover the bottom answer/solution section until needed (and then reveal it).

Once you select one of the two formats, you will be shown a list of all the Classwork problem files for that category. Simply click on the desired file name to display that problem.