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Our mission is to encourage and support interactive teaching through the use of classroom response systems, such as Classwork system, CPS-system ...

Part I: Class Work

           Instructors, if you plan to use Classwork in Summer 2005, please sign up.   Here is the Class Data.

                         if you plan to use Classwork in Fall 2005, please sign up.   Here is the Class Data.

               (CPS user please look PART II )

           Instructors instructions:  ( Note: UT-EID login first recommended)

                                            short instructions

                                            more detailed instructions

                                            first day transparency, (for instructors only use classwork), or you can use handout linked below:

          Student instructions for class work: Web instructions,

                                                             one page handout,

                                                             Picture based instructions.

         For classwork related questions please contact Patsy McDonald <patsymc@physics.utexas.edu>. 

      * Remote problem: What to do? 

Part II: CPS

What's CPS? http://www.einstruction.com/

Bulletin Board: What's new?               

FAQs: about using the system

Other UT CPS sites: Ctr for Instructional Tech. College of Engineering

A.   Using CPS at UT:


1.   Instructors, if you plan to use CPS in Summer 2005, please sign up(summer).   Here is the Class Data(summer).

                        if you plan to use CPS in Fall 2006, please sign up(fall).   Here is the Class Data(fall).

               (Classwork user please look PART I )

       Is cps appropriate for your class? click here.

2.   Student instructions

3.   For cps and other systems related questions please contact Morrie Schulman <schulman@mail.utexas.edu>.

4.   Lectern instruction At lectern: [default settings].

5.         Printable instruction for upload CPS score to BlackBoard  

B.   Student Records: (Past and present)

1.         For cumulative semester spread sheet see cps-grade book.

2.          Who used CPS? fall02, spring03, summer03, fall03, spring04, Summer04, fall04, spring05, fall05, spring05classwork

3.          Student's records in recent past:

           Students access to summer04 records. (Spring04)

            Instructors and TAs access to summer04 records.(Spring04)


Part III.  Use of interactive teaching tools at UT Click here 


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