UT (cps) Bulletin  


Fall 2004

      ·      a typical survey result for fall 04

      ·      An email message from Karron Lewis on: Personal Response System learning outcomes.



Spring 2004 (For bulletin items #1-32 see Fall 2003)

33. Welcome to a new semester's use of cps. (1/20/04)

34. Experienced Faculty Seminar Power Point presentations (1/21/04)

35. CPS-password and new-semester update (1/25/04)

36. CPS-record in Homework Service (3/18/04)

                  37. INTICE - Interactive Technology to Improve Classroom Experience, by Siegel et al (3/25/04)

      38. Missing classtalk scores in hw-service and an illustrative work sheet (3/26/04)

39. Survey instruction spring04.(4/8/04) For questionnaire only: click here.

40. Sign up for using CPS in Summer04 and/or Fall04 (4/13/04)

41. Deadline for complaints on cps-records, reminders on survey and sign up. (4/27/04)

42. Need your timely help (survey, signup and deadline) (4/28/04)

43. Use of cps-like system in Accounting, Sociology, Law ... In Class Audience Weighs in By KATIE HAFNER, New York Times, April 29, 04.



Fall 2003

1.      CPS users in college of natural science and beyond (8/8/03)

2.      Student survey on the use of cps-system, spring03 -- averaged over all classes (8/8/03)

3.      Student survey on the use of cps-system, spring03 -- individual classes (8/8/03)

4.      Multimedia classrooms equipped with cps-system in CNS and beyond(8/9/03)

5.      Improving large classroom teaching by promoting the use of a wireless classroom interactive system (a presentation for our Provost and interested users) (8/9/03)

6.        CPS Power Point presentation by Marilla Svinicki of the Center for Teaching Effectiveness (8/9/03)

7.      Orientation Sessions for Instructors and TAs (8/15/03)

8.      Possible ways CPS may help an instructor in large classroom teaching (8/17/03)

9.         Workshop on more advanced use of CPS (8/17/03)

10.   Support on the first use of cps in your classroom (8/26/03)

11.   Change of CPS office hour (8/27/03)

12.   To homework service users (8/29/03)

13.   Sample individual students' record and starting date posting your cps-record (8/29/03)

14.   Your cps grades are online now! (09/12/03)

15.   Comments on queries related to cps-roster (09/27/03)

16.   Cps office hour in the second phase (10/08/03)

17.   Use of PRS at U of Glasgow (10/14/03)

18.   CPS use in E 316 Masters of British Literature (10/14/03)

19.   UT-A World Leader in CSS Implementation by interactive classroom consultant Marty Abrahamson (10/27/03)

20.   Report error or warning message in launching cps to ctalk (11/4/03)

21.   Survey instructions and the standardized questions for cps-survey, Fall 2003(11/10/03)

22.   To instructors who will be teaching in FAC 21, Spring04: Interested in using CPS? (11/16/03)

23.   Using Interactive Technology in a Short Java Course: presentation for ITICSE Conference (11/18/03)

24.   Interested in learning more about the cps system (12/6/03)

25.   If you are interested in using cps in Spring04, please signup asap (12/6/03)

26.   Instructors: please check and download your cps records now! (12/8/03)

27.   UT-cps-survey results, fall03 (12/12/03)

28.   cps-survey results, reminder of the signup and the dates of next semester orientation session(12/16/03)

29.   cps-survey results, cps-survey results, spring04: signup and orientation session dates (12/17/03)

30.   Deadline of Signup for using CPS in Spring04 (Instructors Only)(01/03/03)

31.   Orientation Dates and Times (01/11/03)

32.   Your cps-password at eInstruction should be different from your password for UTEID at UT(01/14/04)

For Bulletin item #33 on,  see Spring 2004 above.

Summer 2003

·        Students' instrcution: how to buy a remote, how to enroll,how to use cps, and others (6/3/2003)

·        No regular office hours will be held during Summer 2003. You can visit us by email appointment at ctalk@ph.utexas.edu (6/4/2003)


Spring 2003

·        General information: Beginning of new semester(1/04/03)

·        A talk on UT-cps, cps-orientation session (1/05/03)

·        Beginning of the semester and last cps-orientation session (MLK-special – Cancelled)

·        Online enrollment, change password, our office hours, MLK-special (1/16/03)

·        CPS-reminder sheet is in the lectern drawer (1/17/03)

·        There are still plenty of remotes available at University COOP (in the calculator/software department) (1/17/03)

·           University of Texas IT Support (ITS) help desk provides CPS assistance (1/20/03)

·            ap_record is now ready for individual student's viewing (1/31/03)

·           CPS office hour change (2/7/03)

·            Innovative Instructional Awards Program (2/25/03)

·           Survey on the use of cps-system: Spring 2003 (3/4/03)

·           Reminder on cps-survey (3/22/03)

·           Can CPS be useful in a British Literature Class? (4/21/03)

·           CPS update (4/21/03)

·           Comments on the upcoming cps-presentation(4/22/03)

·           Last day of ap-record complaints/tomorrow's festivity/signup (4/24/03)

·           General information on UT-cps-Support-project -- a handout at cps-festivity (4/24/03)

·           Cost to a students in fall 03(4/27/03)

·           Our April 25 session and general outlook (4/28/03)

·           Survey results spring03 (5/5/03)

Fall 2002

·        Guidelines on the installation of cps-receivers (8/7/2002)

·        Laborday updating roster practice session (8/28/2002)

·        Addendum to Instructor’s instructions (8/29/2002)

·        Tips on Starting/Ending a cps-session(9/4/02)

·        Signup for Spring03(11/7/02)

·        Survey Results, more office hours and email support(11/19/02), Survey results

·        Class announcement on ap_record and TA support available(11/20/02)

·        Handling ap_record related issues(11/21/02)

·        Remind your students to verify their ap_record(11/25/02)

·        CPS-pricing (End of Fall02 and Beginning of Spring03) from eInstruction (12/8/02)