Classtalk Records

NOTE: All records should be accessible now except for BIO205L. We were asked not to display BIO205L records to avoid grading confusion. If you are in BIO205L class your CPS records are posted in the E-grade book.

This is a UT Austin website and records here are kept independently from the central eInstruction website at This website contains much more detailed records of every students' performance with the cps system in all classes using the system.

Records for most classes should be available here within 24 hours after the end of class. However (especially at the beginning of the semester), the posting may sometimes be delayed. Please feel free to contact CPS administrator if your records are not posted within 3 days.

In the event that students believe they have unfairly lost credit, they can speak to their instructors or TAs. The instructors and/or the TAs can then, at their discretion, correct the records.

However, the records available here are the original, unaltered ones. If any additional question about corrections arises, these unaltered records may be convenient for purposes of comparison.

Of course, the corrected records will be the ones used at the end of the semester in calculating students' averages. Physics students can also check their records on the physics homework service, which will include any corrections they may have received.

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