Default settings for your class


Under present UT-CPS-support management, the cps-application (the file with remote-icon, sometimes it is also referred to as the class-file) is configured with a set of  standardized settings”, i.e. the default settings. Should you desire to work with non-default settings, you may do so by changing them before your class. However, as a courtesy to the user after you, please revert the setting back to the default setting at the end of your class. Thank you.  If you have found that change of some default settings is more convenient to you please share your insights with us.


  1. Auto-download of cps-roster: Following are the steps to setup the auto-download of the roster. First do the manual download of cps-roster once, to establish the path between the online cps-class account and the target-class on the lectern. Then set the auto-download feature in the cps-application of the target class.

Manually download the cps-roster:

·        Go to Click “instructor” near the top right edge

·        Log in to your class account. (See Part III  of Instruction to instructors)

·        Select “cps connection” (It is on the left side of the page)

·        Click “Export Roster to cps.”

·        Click “browse” to locate your class icon in MyDocuments/cpsfiles/``your name”)

·        Click “open data base” (If a dialogue box appears, click yes and move on.)

·        Select “Update an existing roster”

·        Click “export to roster”.

·        Logout


Set the auto download feature for the cps-application (with remote-icon) in your folder:

·        Open cps-application, go to cps-homepage (page with many tabs: Lessons, …, Classes, Reports, …)

·        If it is already in the quick start mode, the menu bar will appear. Click close to go to CPS-homepage.

·        If it is not in the quick start mode, the application opens directly to the cps-homepage.

·        Click class tab. In the classes window, high light class name.

·        Select Edit. CPS-classinformation screen appears.

·        Select CPSOnline tab. Check: “Automatically sync class on startup”. Click done. Back to homepage. (For auto-down-testing option see below). Exit by closing the window.

·        Optional: Should you want to inspect the feature of auto-download roster, you may do the following:

o       Back to Lesson Tab. While pointing at the target class-name,  right click to display a menu. Select “CPSOnline Sync…”. The roster will immediately updated.


2.   Set up the quick-start mode:


·        Normally, the CPS application will already be set up to operate in the quickstart mode.  In that mode, double-clicking on the class-icon will cause an immediate display of the question-menu bar. However, if the classfile is not configured properly, double-clicking on the remote-icon might instead lead to the cps-homepage (page with many tabs: Lessons, …, Classes, Reports, …). Here you may then need to set up the “quickstart mode” before going on.  On the bar at the top, select: settings/quickstart setup.

·        Then select: “Enable quick start”; “Export to Question Grid”; and “Use the class selected below”.

·        Click OK.  The cps-homepage will appear. Close the window by clicking the cross at the upper right corner.

·        To start again, double-click the remote-icon. This time it should take you directly to the “question menu bar”.


  1.  Verbal question menu bar: Default setting checks the following items.

·        Show pads that have responded, Autostart the question, Show correct answer, Show histogram automatically.

·        Time interval for Feedback Grid: 2 sec. You may vary the setting here to optiminize the effect.