Please keep this sheet in the lectern drawer


Using cps at Lectern Computer



Tech-support:, (see also Sec. I.4)

System hardware maintenance: Kurt Bartelmehs,


Before class: Set up the Verbal-Question bar: (Projector on & PC is selected).

·        Go to your class-icon in MyDocuments/cpsfiles/``your name”.

·        Open cps: Doubleclick the class-icon to display the “Engage-bar”. *

·        Click "Verbal" to display Verbal Question bar” (vq-bar).** 

It is now ready for Q/A cycles.

If a window covers the vq-bar, hold Alt-key, tap Tab-key as many time as needed to step to vq-bar.


The 4-step Q/A cycle during class:

step1: Start a response session: Select “MC-range”.  (A-B, or A-C, etc.) Grid is shown. To expand/reduce the Grid size, click "Grid". 

step2: End the response session: Click “End”. (A histogram is displayed.)

step3: Input correct answer: Select “correct answer” or leave it on “none (subjective)”.

step4: End the cycle: Click "Close" at lower right corner below histogram.

Repeat Q/A cycles as many times as needed. 


At the end of the class:

·        Click“close” to close vq-bar.  The Engage-bar appears.

·        Click the red “Exit cps” closes the Engage-bar, and exits cps. Session ends and a Template Lesson Excel file is created in the instructor folder.


* The default mode of your class is set to  "quick-start", "auto-download cps-roster". If this is not working properly please contact

** Options on vq-bar. Defaults are:

1)     Show pads have responded,

2)     Autostart the question,

3)     Show correct answer,

4)     Show histogram automatically.

Vary the time interval for the response (feedback)  grid to optimize the pace.