Students' CPS Instructions



Class Key: ______________________ (See Sec. II A.2, classdata  on the homepage)

UT-Interactive-Teaching-Support Homepage:

I. Getting started: This is one of the most important handouts in this class. It will save you a lot of trouble if you follow the instructions carefully and provide with answers to many questions you'll have during the semester.


First of all you need a remote. If you don't have one the University COOP cells them for about $4 each. If you already have a remote from a previous semester go ahead and use it.


Online cps-registration: (also referred to as cps-enrollment) At the beginning of every semester you are required to pay an enrollment fee of $12.50. By paying this amount you purchase an enrollment code for this semester only. You are going to use this code to register as a new CPS user. "I already have an account from the previous semester. Can I use it?" - No. If you do skip the payment and login as an existing user, the system will allow you to enroll in a class, but a month or so later your account will expire, your name will disappear from the class roster and your records will be lost. To register as a new user please follow the instructions below.

1.        Go to

2.        Click on “students” in the upper right corner.

3.        Select  “University of Texas”.  Then click the “Choose course” button to proceed.

  1. Enter your class-key (see top of this page), and the serial number on your remote. Your remote won't work if you make a typo in your serial number. Then click “Purchase access”  Here you will pay a $12.50 fee with a credit card. You can also purchase an enrollment code at COOP. With the code you can proceed with online registration as a new user by clicking "Join the class" button.
  2. Create your own user name and password.  Please use your UTEID as your student ID while entering your contact information at CPS Online. This enables data to be easily transferred to eGradebook and Blackboard.
  3. On the next screen, enter the relevant payment information. Then proceed with your online registration.
  4. This is very important! CPS system is provided by eInstruction and not by UT. This is your purchase that the instructor has chosen for the class. Please make sure that the instructor has explained the necessity of it and that you take full advantage of the system during the semester. If you don't like it or think it's unnecessarily expensive or unnecessary at all please make sure to specify that on the survey at the end of the semester so that we can let eInstruction know. Every vote counts!
  5. Printout your cps enrollment information on the screen after you finish step 6, including your username, password, and response number (or pad number). You are now a registered user for the current semester. The pad number will be used throughout the semester as your identity in your class. You will see it flash on the screen when you use your remote in class.
  6. Using cps in more than one class: Since you are now a registered user, log in first. Then enroll in as many classes as you want inside your account. Note: Your pad number will probably be different in each class.

For any question related to your cps-online registration, please contact eInstruction at 1-888-707-6819.


II. During the semester.

You can view your grades at by logging in with your user name and password. It's your responsibility to make sure your remote works by checking that you pad number flashes on the screen when you answer AND by checking your responses through your eInstruction account.


III. How to get help.

If your remote does not work, you have trouble registering for CPS, need help enrolling in a class, can't access your records online, or need other assistance these are the sources to get help.

1.        First see if we already have a solution for you at our Tech Support link among Common Problems .

2.        If you are having a problem with your remote, you can visit ITS help desk at the FAC (Flawn Academic Center) room 200-B. Their URL is

3.        For your einstruction online registration and account problems you should contact eInstruction at or 1-888-707-6819. Their main website is

4.        There are also FAQs and UT(cps) bulletin links on our homepage.


(modified in Jan 13th 2005)