Students' CPS Instructions for Classwork Users     (  Class Key: N7220J377 )    


I. Getting started: To use Classwork in your class you need a cps-remote and do a cps-online registration to add yourself into the "classwork" class, which involves paying a cps enrollment fee. 


If you don't have a remote, University COOP sells them for about $4 each. If you already have a remote from a previous semester go ahead use it. You sill need to do the cps-online registration.


Online cps-registration: (also referred to as cps-enrollment). The cps-enrollment fee is $12.50 per semester. If you have enrolled in other cps-classes current semester, you have already paid the fee and have an account at eInstruction. You simply log on your cps-account,  enter the class key above and the serial number on your pad. If you have not enrolled in any cps class this semester, you need to register as a "new CPS user". To register as a new user, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “students”  at the top of the page.
  3. Select  University of Texas”.  Then click the “Choose course” button to proceed.
  4. Enter your class-key (see top of this page), and the serial number on your remote. Then click “Join the class". Follow the step by step online instruction to complete your registration, which will include a payment of $12.50 by credit card. Printout your cps enrollment information on the screen after you have finished including your username, password. and cps-pad number. You may go to your eInstruction student account to verify the accuracy of the serial number you have typed.  (One more step: Enter remote serial number in hw-service, see Sec. II, 1.)
  5. After a few weeks (the date will be  announced by your instructor), your remote won't work if you have not done the cps registration or if there is a typo in the serial number which may be corrected at your eInstruction student account.
  6. Using cps in more than one class: Since you are now a registered user, you can enroll in as many classes where cps is in use in your eInstruction student account. No payment of additional fee is needed. 

For any question related to your cps-online registration, please contact eInstruction at 1-888-707-6819.


II. Frequently asked questions when usng Classwork: Presently the Classwork keypad is the cps-remote.

What is involved so that my cps-remote will work with the Classwork system in class?

Your remote serial number must be registered at two places, i.e.  in HW-Service and at eInstruction site.

  1. At homework service registration,  enter the serial number of your remote in the blank provided.  If you did not enter your serial number of your pad at the time of homework service registration,  you may enter your serial number at later time using  button 5.3 in your homework service account. Enter your serial number in designated blank space.
  2. Do cps-registration at eInstruction site (see Sec. I). There you will enter the same serial number.

When in class, only hw-service pad number will be used. The cps-pad number from cps-registration will not be used.

How to look up my serial number and my pad number in the homework service?

  • In your hw-service student's account, use button 5.5 to view your pad number which is given at the top line.
  • In the same account, use button 5.3 to view and modify (if needed) your serial number.

Why my remote does not work?

  • Check battery. Make sure when clicking, the red light is flashing.
  • Make sure the serial number in your HW-service account (also shown on the screen) agrees with that on the remote.
  • A remote is defective, if the serial number from its signal-output differs from that shown on the remote. A recently bought defective remote may be exchanged at UT-Coop. You may verify output-signal at ITS help-desk on the second floor of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC).
  • For your einstruction online registration and account problems you should contact eInstruction at or 1-888-707-6819. Their main website is
  • After a certain number of days from the beginning of the class (to be announced by your instructor), for a student who has not done cps-registration at the eInstruction site, his/her remote will no longer be working. Student can logon to student's account at eInstruction to verify  the serial number registered at eInstruction, and edit it if needed.