III. References: Presentations, Class-Surveys & Resources related to interactive teaching

1.        Ongoing use of the system:

           See ClassData in Sec. I.2, Use of cps in College of Engineering

           UT (cps) Bulletin: What's new?

           Frequently asked questions (FAQs)about using the system: click here

           How to get help? Support team available to students and instructors. click here.

2.        Presentations and survey data

           From Classtalk to Wireless System:

o         UT Classtalk System

o         Teaching a large class using Classtalk and Web

o         Teaching engineering physics at UT

o         A new teaching tool: Overview, presentations and acknowledgement


o          Classroom Interaction Using Wireless Technology, by C. Chiu and A. Woods, Jan 31, 2002.

o          A Wireless System for Classroom Teaching, by C. Chiu and A. Woods, March 25, 2002.

o          Teaching at UT, by C. Chiu,at ITA Teaching Workshop Aug 21, 2000.

o          New Tool for Classroom Teaching Tool: Wireless Class Performance System: by C. Chiu and K. Sathasivan. at New Faculty Conference, Aug 22, 2002.

o          New Teaching Tool: UT-CPS: by C. Chiu and K. Sathasivan. at Experienced Teachers Seminar, Jan 6, 2003.

o          Presentation: pdf, ppt, Handout, Students survey_fall02, Demo on a lesson plan: Origin of Life 

o          Discussion on the use of cps on UT campus by C. Chiu, Jeffrey Sigel and Justin Cone, March 26, 2003.

o        Using Classroom Communication Device (cps) to Enhance Effectiveness in Large Class Teaching by C. Chiu, R. Duke, A. Woods and K. Schmidt, April 28, 2003.

o         Improving large classroom teaching by promoting the use of a wireless classroom interactive system (a presentation for our Provost and interested users) (8/9/03)

o         CPS Power Point presentation by Marilla Svinicki of the Center for Teaching Effectiveness (8/9/03)

o         UT implementation of CPS: Past, Present and Future by C. Chiu and A. Woods, August 19, 2003

o         Experienced Faculty Seminar Power Point presentations (1/21/04)

           Class Survey results: spring02, summer02, (bigprint), fall02, spring03, fall03, spring04, fall04

3. Articles on Interactive Teaching and Classtalk

a.        Wireless response technology in college classrooms, by H. Arthur Woods and Charles Chiu

b.        CPS Story by Robert Alexander (Daily Texan, July 11, 2003)

c.        Use of PRS at U of Glasgow

d.        CPS use in E 316 Masters of British Literature (10/14/03)

e.        INTICE - Interactive Technology to Improve Classroom Experience, by Siegel et al (3/25/04)

f.          Use of cps-like system in Accounting, Sociology, Law ... In Class Audience Weighs in By KATIE HAFNER, New York Times, April 29, 04.

g.        An email message from Karron Lewis on: Personal Response System learning outcomes.

h.    a typical survey result for fall 04

4. Interactive Teaching resources: Interactive quiz library and other websites.

a.        Early interactive quiz Library for engineering physics:   Mechanics and Waves, Electricity & Magnetism and Optics

b.        Ongoing project: A comprehensive e-library (pdf-format) for interactive teaching: click here.

c.        Interactive teaching websites: See What is Interactive Teaching?



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