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Alex Demkov

Nikolai Sergueev
  1. "Ab initio calculation of transport properties of metal-C60-metal junctions", Nikolai Sergueev, Dan Roubtsov, and Hong Guo.
  2. "NEGF-DFT: a first principles formalism for modeling molecular electronics", Nikolai Sergueev, Hong Guo.

Jaekwang Lee
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Xuhui Luo
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Manish Niranjan
  1. "Density functional determination of the magnetic state of beta-MnAs", Manish K Niranjan, B.R Sahu and Leonard Kleinman. Phys. Rev. B 70, 180406(R) (2004)

  2. "Spin Orbit Coupling effects in Pt clusters", M.H.Huda, Manish K Niranjan, B.R.Sahu and Leonard Kleinman. Submitted to Phys. Rev. A (2005)

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