I was born and raised in the Toledo, Ohio area. I'm a graduate of Sylvania Northview High School and The University of Toledo, where I worked as a Software Specialist until 1999.

I now live in the Austin, Texas area, with my cat Buddha. (See also Dharma, who no longer lives with me and Buddha.)

While I don't smile a lot, I do believe in the concepts behind the smiley face. I love the smiley face, even when used in Wal-Mart commercials, on boxer shorts, or other unlikely places... I'm a firm believer in the slogans "Have a nice day" and "Don't worry, be happy." Of course, my favorite color is yellow, and my favorite color combinations are yellow with black and yellow with blue.

My interests outside of work are, in no particular order; golf, music, languages, talking, jokes, religion, cooking, eating, wine, beer, coffee, waterskiing, and generally anything that involves having a good time :)

Eric Jon ROSTETTER, The University of Texas at Austin,