This page provides an unofficial BibTex style file for generating a bibliography for papers submitted to the Journal of Biomedical Optics of the SPIE. (New) It also provides an example Revtex4 file for submission. Standard 'article' option for standard LaTeX files should also work. Please note that these files are not guaranteed to work or produce the correct style for JBO. Check your work before submitting.

To use the style file jbosty.bst, copy it (right click) to your working directory and include the following lines in your LaTeX code:



replacing bibfile with the name of your bibliography data file (*.bib). See example Revtex4 file for more information.

The style file jbosty.bst was generated using the Merlin Master File merlin.mbs, merlin.mbs as well as other files used to generate BibTex style files are available here (tar gzipped file) . A full explanation is given in .

Eshel Faraggi