Recent Group News

I take great pleasure in working with a diverse group of high school, undergraduate, graduate students, and postdocs. Below are some highlights of group member accomplishments over the last few years.

April 2018
Congralations to Pontus on his PhD defense! Pontus will continue his physics research as a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Labs!

March 2018
Professor Fiete selected as a Simons Fellow in Theoretical Physics. The awardees were acknowldeged in a recent NY Times announcement.

December 2017
Dr. Qi Chen accepts position in the Austin high tech sector! We are glad he will still be close by.

November 2017
Georgios successfully defends his thesis!

Qi successfully defends his thesis!

Michael passes his qualifier!

What a month for the group!

October 2017
The MRSEC Website goes live for the Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials!

September 2017
Professor Fiete as Co-PI of $15.6 million NSF MRSEC Center for Dynamics and Control of Materials (CDCM) begins to lead IRG "Materials Driven by Light" with Professor Elaine Li.

July 2017
Professor Fiete's News & Views featured on the cover of Nature.

April 2017
Pontus publishes beautiful paper in Physical Review Letters, "Topological Magnon Bands and Unconventional Superconductivity in Pyrochlore Iridate Thin Films". Congratulations!

March 2017
Professor Fiete formally receives APS Fellow recognition at the March Meeting in New Orleans.

February 2017
Georgios publishes his first scientific paper "Thermal conductivity of local moment models with strong spin-orbit coupling", a tour-de-force of analytical and numerical computation! Congratulations!

October 2016
Professor Fiete elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

May 2016
Rex receives Outstanding Dissertation Award from the UT Physics Department! Congratulations Rex!

Rex successfully defends his PhD thesis!

April 2016
Rex awarded National Research Council (NRC) Fellowship! Way to go Rex!

February 2015
Rex accepts postdoc position a the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) at the University of Maryland!

August 2015
Rex publishes "Landau Theory of Helical Fermi Liquids" in Physical Review Letters--a work independent of Prof. Fiete. Congratulations, Rex!

June 2015
Xiang publishes a beautiful study of topological phases in thin film pyrochlore iridates in Nature Scientific Reports. Great work!

May 2015
Xiang (aka "Dr. Hu") successfully defends his PhD! He will join Donna Sheng's Group in the fall. Congratulations!

Joseph Maciejko and Professor Fiete publish Nature Physics Progress Article on Fractionalized Topological Insulators.

April 2015
Rex receives Fellowship from the UT College of Natural Sciences. Way to go!

March 2015
Professor Fiete receives DARPA Director's Fellowship for strong performance on his DARPA YFA.

January 2015
Hsiang-Hsuan recieves a Rom Rhome International Professional Development Award from the UT College of Natural Sciences. This award is based on the outstanding research he has done as a postdoc at UT. Congrats!

December 2014
Rex and Jonathan publish a numerical tour-de-force on the entanglement spectra of quantum spin chains in Physical Review Letters. Congratulations!

January 2014
Victor's work on fractionalized topologcial phases appears in Physical Review Letters. Great job! Hope everything is going well at UIUC!

November 2013
Mehdi's work on non-Fermi liquid phenomena in strained oxide films appears in Nature Communications. Great work and hope you are enjoying Ohio State!

August 2013
Send off lunch for Mehdi and Stewart--welcome lunch for Xiaoting!

May 2013
Victor officially receives his PhD and Stewart his BS! Congratulations and best wishes for your next steps in your promising scientific careers!

Professor Fiete receives the DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA). The objective of the DARPA YFA program is to identify and engage rising research stars in junior faculty positions at U.S. academic institutions and expose them to Department of Defense needs as well as DARPA's program development process.

April 2013
Victor successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congratuations!!

Stewart accepts offer to join Stanford University's PhD program in Applied Physics! We wish you well as your physics career enters a new exciting stage.

February 2013
Rex receives NSF EAPSI award to visit the ISSP at the Univesity of Tokyo in Japan for summer research. Congratulations!

January 2013
Victor accepts postdoctoral position at UIUC!

August 2012
Seth named a finalist for 2012 LeRoy Apker Award from the American Physical Society! This is the most prestigous national award given by the APS for undergraduate achievement in research and promise for future scientific accomplishment. Way to go Seth!!

June 2012
Victor's work on heterogeneous thin-film superconductivity is chosen as the June 2012 Cover Article in Nature Physics!

May 2012
Jun and Vladimir officially receive their PhD's and Seth his BS at the May graduation ceremony. Congratulations and best of luck in your next career stage!!

Seth cleans up at the Physics Graduation Ceremony. He received the "Highest Academic Achievement Award", the "Distinguished Graduating Senior Award" (best graduating physics student), and was chosen as a Dean's Honored Graduate! The Deans Honored Graduate is the highest honor awarded to graduating seniors in the College of Natural Sciences. Honorees exhibit excellence in the classroom as well as substantial achievement in scientific research, an independent intellectual pursuit, or exceptional service and leadership to the college and university. Less then one percent of graduating seniors receive this distinction.

Seth is awarded second prize in the George H. Mitchell Student Awards for Academic Excellence competition, which covers all areas of study at the University of Texas at Austin and carries a significant cash award. Congratulations, Seth!

Andreas takes up a postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley. We will all miss your significant research and mentoring contributions to our group!

April 2012
Seth accepts an offer from Harvard's physics PhD program, and will join with a prestigious Pierce Fellowship. Congratulations!

Professor Fiete receives 2012 UT College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award.

Rex and Seth are both awarded 2012 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. Congratulations to you both! You will each bring distinction to the program.

Jun and Vladimir each successfully defend their PhD thesis. Great work!

November 2011
Professor Fiete is invited to address the US National Academy of Sciences on the topic of potential applications of topological phases in next generation devices in a 45 minute talk. A summary appeared in the Winter 2012 Newsletter.

October 2011
Professor Fiete is named a finalist for the 2012 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. The award is considered among the most prestigious in the US.

July 2011
Professor Fiete, along with D. Drew, M. Franz, and S.-C. Zhang organize a workshop "New Topological Quantum States of Matter" at the Aspen Center for Physics.

May 2011
Jun is awarded the David Bruton, Jr. Fellowship for academic excellence amoung physics graduate students!

June 2010
Professor Fiete participates in the Kavli Frontiers Program of the US National Academy of Sciences. This is the US National Academy of Sciences premier activity for distinguished young scientists. Participation is by invitation from the National Adademy.

May 2010
Professor Fiete receives the NSF CAREER Award. The CAREER program offers the National Science Foundation's most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the intergration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations.

April 2010
Stuart is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Stuart!!

January 2010
Professor Fiete receives congratulations and a handshake from President Obama at the White House PECASE Ceremony. The Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) is the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on outstanding scientists and engineers in the early stages of their independent research careers.