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Greg O. Sitz
Physics Department
University of Texas
Austin, Texas 78712


Advising Resources

Physics Advising FAQ (pdf)
Guide to the summer program at Wurzburg (pdf)


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Application (pdf)

Current and Recent Course Material

Modern Physics Lab (PHY353L)
    First day handout from Spring 2017
    Report Guidelines
Home CMB Home Solar Spectrum Home Penzias and Wilson Home Rontgen Home Flouoroscope Home Reduced Blackbody Home Bubble Chamber
Elementary Physics for Non-technical Majors
    PHY309K Mechanics, Waves and Heat
    PHY309L Electricity, Magnetism and Light
Applications of Quantum Mechanics (PHY362K)
    PHY362K First Day Handout
    PHY362K First Day Review
Engineering Physics I: Mechanics (PHY303K) Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (PHY373), Fall 2017
Modern Physics for Engineers (PHY355) Physics of Sensors (PHY386K)
General Physics II (PHY302L) Electronic Techniques (PHY338K)
General Physics I (PHY317K) Surface Science (PHY392T)
Mathematica and LaTeX (PHY110C)

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