Science with High-Power Lasers and Pulsed Power Workshop

Workshop Overview

Updated September 24, 2009


Workshop Details

July 28-30, 2009
A 2 ½ day workshop to discuss ideas for broad-interest, exciting science experiments that can be performed using the high-power lasers and pulsed power facilities at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the University of Texas (UTX).   The workshop is held under the auspices of the Institute for High Energy Density, joint between UT and SNL


The objective of the meeting is to discuss and propose projects worthy of further pursuit, which will likely satisfy the following:

  • Be performed using the UTX or SNL or both; high power lasers, pulsed power or both
  • Facilitate a proposal to a specific funding agency (e.g. DoE, NSF, NIH, ...)
  • Produce great science in the broadest national interest
  • Produce results publishable in high-impact journals
  • Produce results in either a short term (~3 year) or longer term (~5 year) timeframe
  • Be in either basic or applied science areas

Location and dates

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 28, Wednesday, July 29 and Thursday, July 30 (a half day) at the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza.  In addition, there will be a reception on the evening of Monday, July 27 (travel day).  


The registration deadline has passed.  Please contact Emily Hooks if you have not registered but wish to attend.   There is no registration fee for the workshop.   

Lodging Information

Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
Reservation Deadline (for discounted rate):  Saturday, July 4, 2009
Guest room rates: $86 single/double
Group Code: SCI
Contact Emily for more information

Topical areas

The likely topical areas to be covered by the workshop, and the area leaders / organizers, are shown in the table:

Topical area1

Leader (affiliation)

Fusion science (include high magnetic fields)

Mark Herrmann (SNL) / François Waelbroeck & Boris Breizman (UTX)


Greg Rochau (SNL) / Edison Liang (Rice)

Photon & particle beam science

Briggs Atherton (SNL) / Todd Ditmire (UTX)

High density plasma physics

Gilliss Dyer & Aaron Bernstein (UTX) / Ray Lemke (SNL)

1(Include diagnostics under relevant area – Ray Leeper coordinates)


Workshop Contacts

Scientific and Technical
Dr. Alan Wootton
wootton1 at
(865) 806 1709


Emily Hooks
ehooks at
(512) 471 1485