Instructor's comments

Comments of the present semester: Fall 2006


Welcome to my class. Notice there is weekly instructor’s informal weekly session, which is on Thursday, 4-5pm, Wel 2.312, starting on 8/31. 

·        For those of you do not have a schedule conflict, I strong encourage you to attend.  Meet with your instructor discuss physics in an informal setting.

·        For those who cannot make the session, I encourage you to see me during my office hours: W 1-2, Fr. 4-5.  Other time by appointment.

·        You also may contact me through email.  Remember include PHY303K on the subject line of your email. 


On entering the clicker serial number:
Q: I was trying to register my clicker and part of the registration requires a
class key. I was wondering what our class key number or code is.

A: Apparently you were at the wrong place. To enter your serial number, you need to click the OK-button of  A-4 (manage account info) in your TT-account.  Since we are not using eInstruction’s software, no class key information is needed.

Some general questions:

Q: I am confused about the TA Session portion of the final grade. Is it derived from attendance at the instructor discussion sessions, the lab portion of the class, or something else. I am scheduled for my lab time on Thursdays from 4-6, which coincides with the instructor discussion sessions, which are from 4-5 on Thursdays.

A.  Below are my responses to your questions

·        The 303K you have registered in consists of two parts:
MWF lectures at 3-4pm  plus a TA sessions indicated in your UT class schedule.
Your TA  will announce the grading policy for the TA sessions you attend.

·        Attendance of instructor’s informal session at Th 4-5 is voluntary. There is no grade associated with it. I am providing an extra weekly tutorial session for the benefit of those who can attend. In past semesters, students who attended the sessions on a regular basis, have found the the sessions were very helpful to them.

·        To those students due to schedule conflict cannot attend instructor's discussion sessions, I encourage you make a point to see me during my office hours: W 1-2, Fr. 4-5.  If you cannot make my office hours either, you can still make appointments to see me.  To make appointments, please  email me all the time slots in the afternoons during which you are free and can see me. I need to determine a mutually convenient time, so that I can meet with you.

·        103M Lab is an independent course.


Prerequisite and co-requisite report:

Following students’ names appear on the report. See bulletin board outside of Pai 2.48 for further details.

Choi, JS

Khan, NM

Kozyrakis,J C

Mccrea, C D


Carlton, C B

Hur, D-Y


Farre, D G

Roberson, J T

Shekar, N P


Racheco, M G


Dr. Markert(chairman of physics department) does not want the instructors to be placed in the position of evaluating the students’ qualifications. Please contact Pat Morgan (Undergraduate Coordinator) in RLM5.216 for evaluate and/or review your documentation. (Deadline Friday, Sept 15)


Inclass test instruction


9/21/2006: Our effort in helping you on HW4:

·        Instructor’s help sessions:

o        Instructor’s regular weekly informal session: Th 4-5pm, Wel 2.312

o        An extra instructor’s session: Friday 4-5, location TBA.

·        An extra TA’s office hour: Sunday 2-4pm, 9/24  -- RLM 5th floor coaching table.


How to determine the letter grade you made for an exam and more? Click here.


From test2 on, only scientific calculator, not the graphic calculator will be allowed for an exam.

Second-half of your course summary: (Formula sheet)  11/27/2006

This was made available to you during the second and third midterms.

In the event you have misplaced it, you can get it from the web.

Here is the direction:

  • Go to the “hs” (homework service) link toward the end of the homepage of this course.
  • After your have login in, look for: student documents: auxiliary information à formula sheets.

If you have difficulty please contact your TA or myself.  Thank you for your attention.


Correction on HW13 Question 8:

Now have: An observer at O hears the jet signal for the first time when the jet is directly overhead

Change to: An observer at O hears the jet signal emitted from the point, which is the intersection between the line of sight perpendicular to the jet trajectory and this trajectory, when the jet is directly overhead

Schedule for this week:

  • M: Class.  Review Gravity
  • M: 5-6 ECJ 1.202, 5-6. Review the remainder of unit 4.
  • W: Office hour (Cancelled due to a doctorate qualifier-exam conflict)
  • W: Class. Review unit 4; Course Instructor Survey.
  • W: Evening exam – midterm 4
  • Th: Instructor’s informal session will not meet this week.
  • F: Class – review for final
  • F: 4-5 office hour (See me immediately after the class, let me know you would like to see me during this office hour.
  • M (Dec 11): 4-5pm review for final, RLM4.102.

If you have any questions and concerns please touch base with me immediately after my MWF class or see me after review sessions.


Dear Dr. Chiu:   (12/6/2006)
In my performance on the tests I find that no matter how hard I 
study, and how many problems I work, I still am only able answer half 
the questions on the test. It is very frustrating for me to put lots 
of time in and not see results. I consider myself a good student, and 
I know when I apply myself I can perform well. That's why it is 
especially frustrating for me. I checked my projected semester grade 
on the TT system and it was a D. This really scared me. I know there 
is still a chance to improve my grade with the test tomorrow and the 
Final, but I'm still worried. Basically I'm asking how should I study 
for Final so that I won't have the same pitfalls as I do on the tests?

I'm registered for your PHY303L class next semester and have already 
thought about the things I should change so that I can earn an A. My 
concern is that I won't be in your PHY303L class next semester 
because of a poor grade in 303K.  From A concerned student.

Dear Concerned:
Wish you have touch based with me earlier. Certainly I would like to work with you to help you. Still better late than never.  Here is what you should do.

  • Please see me after the class either
    • today or
    • Friday or
    • after review session next Monday.

Bring the old tests with you when you come.

  • Also it will be helpful if you can read: "Self evaluation after an exam" toward the end of the Instructor's comment page.
  • I will have two review sessions for the final (1) during Friday class and (2) next Monday (see announcement above). Take good notes. Carefully comb through all points covered during these two review sessions.
  • To prepare for final: Please go through the summary section of each chapter in conjunction with the course summary sheet. For any concept not clear to you, consult the relevant section for further details.

C. Chiu

PS: When communicating with me through email, always include “Physics 303K” on the subject line.
Also, my email inbox is badly invaded by junk-mail. In case I do not reply your email within 24 hrs, most likely I have overlooked your email message. Please do me a favor,  send it once again.


Dear Dr. Chiu

I don't know exactly what subjects midterm 4 will cover.  homework 12-14 will be covered, right?

how about homework 11? or you can tell me what chapters in textbook it will cover. From a 303K student.


Dear 303K student,

You are right midterm covers hw12-14, i.e. wave motions and gravity.  Please consult the syllabus of this course. The chapters covered are 16-18 and 13. Since waves are closely related to Simple harmonic motion, you might want to look at chapter 15 to remind you the properties of SHM.  -- C. Chiu

PS: By the way for midterm 4,  it is important for you to be familiar with the second part of the course summary sheet (also referred to as the formula sheet).


Dr. chiu,

This is one of students from physics 303k. I was wondering about my academic test standing thust far... My four scaled test scores are 383 , 515, 451, and 634. i know that we get to drop one test so if i average the three best i get 533.333 which puts me in the scales score for a be range... is this analysis correct... if not how can i determine my grade thus far.




Your analysis is correct. If you have further questions and concerns please see me after Monday’s review session.  – C. Chiu
PS: Please include "303K" on the subject line in your future communications


At 06:56 PM 12/8/2006, you wrote:

Dr. Chiu,

I am writing to you because I feel it is necessary that you know about my
situation towards the end of the semester.  I had a recent loss of my uncle,
which I lived with for nearly 10 years; I decided to keep all my classes
because I thought I could finish my semester in good standing.  As my grades
reflect in your class I have not being doing so well.  I am studying really
hard and trying to understand all the concepts before my final in hope that
this will improve my grade.  I do apologize for not letting you know about this
situation before; if you wish to discuss this any further in person I am
available at any time all this week and next week.  I appreciate your time and
help in this matter. Signed by a concerned student.

Dear concerned,
You should take my recommendation (during last Friday's class, also see below) how to study for the final seriously. Also you should be at my second review for final on Monday.  Charles Chiu


How to prepare for final?

  1. For each chapter: Study the summary section and the corresponding section of the course summary sheet. If any of the formulas appear to be unfamiliar to you,  you should study the corresponding section of the textbook.
  2. For each exam-unit: Work through all the test problems. Pay special attention to those “hard problems” where the average percentage score for the class is low. Some of these problems will be included  in the final exam problems.
  3. Work on the practice problem set posted by your TA.



General comments