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Lecture: 31 (iq28)

1. Particle and wave properties of a photon

2. Two hockey pucks (revisit)

3. Rotational kinetic energy: Krot and moment of inertia:

o   Moment of inertia

o   Coefficient of gyration

4. Rolling down an incline: Ring, disk (cylinder), sphere

5. More applications on point system vs real system.

o   Pulling a chain



o   Several review videos by Matt are now available at http://www.youtube.com/user/HaleyPhysics

o   We are in the process of writing a grant for further development of MI curriculum. Please email me your comments whether you think review videos are useful means to help you to learn physics. Your comments about other aspects of the present MI curriculum are welcome also.

o   We will review unit 3 on Monday. Please send me your questions.