Remote problem: What to do? (3/24/2005)

Hello: I am in your class.  My class-participation remote stopped working... I tried a bunch a of new batteries.  I was wondering what the process is to replace it?  Do I have to pay again? Please get back with me thank you. -- A concerned student.

Instructor's response: This is what you should do.

1. Come to see me after the class. We need to find out whether your remote sends out a correct signal.

If it is defective, you may go to coop to exchange for a new remote, if you purchased the remote this semester. If it is an old remote, you need to buy a new one. It costs ~$4.

2. In other classes, if your instructor is not available to test your remote for you, please contact

       interactive support assistant: Huai Huang,

       or class work assistant: "Patrick Kreuzer" <>

3.  Once you have called instructor/TA's  attention of the remote-problem, you should resolve the problem asap. It is our policy that a student should not be penalized for the inclass attendance/participation credit due to his/her  hardware problems which are beyond student's control. Please work with your instructor (or TA) to get back your in-class credit for those classes when your remote is not working.

I hope your remote problem will be resolved soon.

Charles Chiu