Justin C. Feng

Ph.D Physics, The University of Texas at Austin (2017)
B.S. Physics, University of California, Irvine (2009)

Mailing Address:
Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station C1600
Austin, TX 78712

Office: RLM 9.224
E-mail: jc[my last name]@[my department].utexas.edu


Howdy! I am a research affiliate postdoc in the physics department working with Prof. Richard Matzner in the relativity group. Here's my cv.

Research Interests

My research is a mixture of theoretical and (light) numerical work in General Relativity. My theoretical work concerns topics involving variational principles in General Relativity (with a focus on boundary terms) and quantum gravity. I am also involved in a couple of numerical projects; I'm currently involved in the development of a Post-Minkowskian few-body code (we are hoping to release it soon), and the development of a GR code based on the generalized harmonic gauge formulation of the Einstein Field Equations.



The Poor Man's Introduction to Tensors - These are my notes on tensors--they serve as an introduction to tensor calculus (in Euclidean space) accessible to those with a basic knowledge of linear algebra and vector calculus. (Updated December 31st 2017)


Feng, J., Baumann, M., Hall, B., Doss, J., Spencer, L., Matzner, R., PoMiN: A Post-Minkowskian N-Body Solver, arXiv:1805.00813 (2018) Accepted for Publication in ApJ

Feng, J. C., A Volume Average Regularization for the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation, arXiv:1802.08576 (2018)

Feng, J. C., Matzner, R. A., From Path Integrals to the Wheeler-DeWitt Equation: On Time Evolution in Spacetimes With Spatial Boundary, Phys. Rev. D, 96:106005, Nov 2017 arXiv:1708.07001

Feng, J. C., Matzner, R. A., The Weiss Variation of the Gravitational Action, arXiv:1708.04489 (2017)


PoMiN - This is a Post-Minkowskian N-Body code, written in C, which includes General Relativistic effects up to first order in Newton's constant G, and all orders in the speed of light c.


Last modified 05-03-2017