Update Instructions

For update, you can simply send e-mail with your title and files to

Or you can update it for yourself.
1. Connect to our group homepage using ssh
ssh macdgrp@linux1.ph.utexas.edu
2. Modify the following html file.
For Home,
For Group Meeting,
For Journal Club,
For Presentations,
*Follow instructions in the html file.
*Please do not change a format.
*You can edit html files using a text editor such as kwrite or vi.
kwrite filename.html &
vi filename.html

To put presentation files or reference files in the group home directory,
1. Connect to our group homepage using sftp
sftp macdgrp@linux1.ph.utexas.edu
2. Change directory
For Group Meeting,
For Journal Club,
cd public_html/journal/
For Presentations,
cd public_html/presentations/
3. Put your files
mput file1 file2 ...
4. Exit
5. Change permission
chmod ugo+r file1 file2 ...
*Link your files as href="./journal/file.pdf" or href="./presentations/file.pdf" because they are located in the subdirectory
*To convert MS Powerpoint to pdf format, visit PDF Online.

If you have any problem or you don't know group password, please send e-mail to
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