Magnetism and Superconductivity Group

What We Do

Our research is focused on understanding phenomena in superconductors and epitaxial oxide interfaces, as well as using nuclear magnetic resonance force microscopy to study spin dynamics in micro samples.

The Markert group is one of the pioneering groups in the technique of NMR force microscopy (NMRFM) in which the nuclear moments of samples are coupled to micro-oscillators. Using a fiber-optic interferometer, the motion of these oscillators can be tracked. This can lead to the study of individual biological cells at room temperature and, ultimately, at low temperatures, single nuclear spins. We also have a conventional NMR spectrometer to study spin dynamics of various systems.

We also grow different types of complex oxide materials onto substrates using Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD). These heterostructures behave differently from their bulk counterparts, and can be studied by varying deposition parameters, epitaxial strain, intrinsic doping etc.

We study material properties using a combination of SQUID magnetometry, specific heat, NMR, and transport measurements such as magnetoresistance, Hall effect, thermal conductivity, etc.