Powers of 10

Motion in One Dimension

Relative Motion (Water balloon dropped from constant velocity car; lab and car frame)

Uniform Acceleration: Penny and Feather

Penny and Feather Free Fall without Air Resistance (UT version)

Penny and Feather Free Fall with Air Resistance (UT version)

Motion in Two Dimensions

Motion of the Center of Mass: Throw Objects

Central Forces: Conical Pendulum Animation

Central Forces: Pail of Nails

Aquarium on Turntable (slow motion at end is best; contrasts inertial vs non-inertial frames)

Walking Chain

Projectile Motion: Howitzer and Tunnel ; UT version

Car crossing treadmill (long video just use parts)

Free Fall vs. Free Fall with Horizontal Velocity (UT version)

Projectile Motion: Monkey gun ; UT version

Newton's First Law

Egg drop demo of Newton’s 1st Law 


7 inertia demos 


Inertia of Rest: Smash block on Bed of Nails

Newton's Second Law

Newton’s 2nd law in space (particularly like demo with different mass balls in zero-g) 


Scale in an Elevator

Force, Mass, and Acceleration: Atwood's Machine

Newton's Third Law

Skateboards with Two People (UT version)

Skateboards with Three People (UT version)

Newton’s 3rd law in space 


Newton’s 3rd law: Toy car exerts force on surface that can roll (cardboard on top of marbles)

Recoil: LN2 cannon

Statics of Rigid Bodies

Motion of the Center of Mass: Throw Objects

5 Physics Party tricks (center of mass, pressure, buoyancy) 


Finding Center of Gravity (end has finding center of gravity)

Exceeding Center of Gravity: Tower of Lire

Exceeding Center of Gravity: Block Stacking in L shape

Resolution of Forces: Rope and Three Students

Applications of Newton's Laws

Dynamic Torque: Ladder Against the Wall

Dynamic Torque: Walking the Spool

Friction: Area Dependence of Friction

Friction: Angle of Repose

Pressure: Bed of Nails (UT version)

Work and Energy

Conservation of Energy: Nose Basher (UT version)

Conservation of Energy: Ballistic Pendulum (UT version)

Linear Momentum and Collisions

Impulse and Thrust: Egg in Sheet

Medicine Ball Catch and Throw on Skateboard (UT version)

Conservation of Momentum: Stacked Balls Drop 


Conservation of Momentum in space 


Conservation of Momentum: Ballistic Pendulum (UT version)

Rocket Tricycle

Collisions in One Dimension: 3m hits 1m (UT Favorite)

Collisions in One Dimension: 1m hits 3m Balls (UT Favorite)

Collisions in Two Dimensions

Collisions in One Dimension: Elastic and Inelastic Collisions on the PASCO carts

Rotational Dynamics

Tightrope Wedding (Balancing Sticks)

Moment of Inertia: Ring, Disk

Rotational Inertia: Snapping of paper from toilet paper roll

Moment of Inertia: Racing Soups

Walking Chain

Conservation of Angular Momentum: Rotating Stool & Bicycle Wheel (UT version) ; (NCSU version is shorter)

Conservation of Angular Momentum in space 


Gyroscopes: Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

Toy Gyroscope in Box and other tricks

Properties of Matter

Hooke's Law: Stretching a Spring

PIRA 1R20.15 - Tensile and Comprehensive Stress: Young's Modulus

PIRA 1R40.30 Coefficient of Restitution: Dead and Live Balls

Fluid Mechanics

5 Physics Party tricks (center of mass, pressure, buoyancy) 


Static Pressure: Pressure vs. Depth

Static Pressure: Pascal's Vases

Hydraulic press crushing marbles

Air Pressure: Crush a 55 gallon drum

Atmospheric Pressure: Magdeburg Hemispheres

Atmospheric Pressure: Lift A Stool

2B40.20 Density and Buoyancy: Archimedes' Principle

2B40.30 Density and Buoyancy: Cartesian Diver

Fluid Dynamics

Bernoulli Force: Venturi tube

Fluid Dynamics - Demo - Floating a Ping Pong Ball using a Hairdryer

Bernoulli Force: Lifting a Paper

Viscosity: biodiesel, Glycerin, vegetable oil

Oscillations and Waves

Pendula: Simple Pendulum

Pendula: Torsion Pendulum

Springs: Mass on a Spring

Tacoma Narrows Video

Driven Mechanical Resonance: Barton's Pendula

Driven Mechanical Resonance: Resonance Reeds

Coupled Oscillations: Spring Coupled Pendula

Coupled Oscillations: Wilberforce Pendulum

Double pendulum (chaotic motion)


Wave Machine (National STEM Center)

Pulse on a Rope

Standing waves on rope

Longitudinal wave: Slinky (in slow motion)

Cracking Fire Whip (in slow motion) 


Standing Waves: String

Doppler Effect: Passing Train

Doppler effect and shockwaves in ripple tank

Tuning Forks (collection: coupled, beats, etc.)

Resonance in Air Columns

Ruben’s Flame tube (resonance in air column; shows positions of high and low pressure)

Resonance in Plates, Bars, and Solid: Singing Rod

Resonance in Plates, Bars, and Solids: Chladni Plates


Linear expansion of a metal rod

4A30.10 Solid Expansion: Bimetal Strip

4A30.20 Solid Expansion: Ball and Ring

Plastic bell at LN2 temperature

Heat and the First Law

Convection: Convection Tube with Water

Phase Changes: Freezing Liquid Nitrogen

Pouring super-cooled water

Kinetic Theory

Kinetic Theory Demonstration with plastic golf balls

Gas Law

Constant Pressure: Balloons in Liquid Nitrogen

Boyle’s Law with balloon and syringe

Constant Temperature: Balloon in a Vacuum

Electricity and Magnetism

Static charges: rods, fur, and pith balls

Static charges: tinsel and balloon

Induced Charge: Charge Propelled Cylinder

Induced Charge: Spinning Soda Can

Induced Charge: Kelvin Water Drop Generator (video, simulation)

Closeup of charged water droplets orbiting cylinder

Electrostatic Machines: Wimshurst Machine

Comprehensive Collection of Van de Graaff Generator Demos (long video; I just use parts)

10 ways to “see” the electric field (long video; I just use parts)

Capacitors : Parallel Plate Capacitor with dielectric (I just use beginning)

Energy Stored in a Capacitor: Short a Capacitor (with screwdriver) ; another video (vaporizing wire)

Resistivity and temperature: wire coil in LN2

Conduction in Solutions: Conductivity of Solutions

Conduction in Gases: Jacob's Ladder

Circuit Analysis: Series and Parallel Light Bulbs (just use middle where light bulbs light up); UT version

RC Circuits: Capacitor and a Light Bulb (Decay curve on scope)


Magnetic Domain Model

Temperature and Magnetism: Meissner Effect using Liquid Nitrogen

Superconductor Meissner Effect and Flux Pinning

Magnetic Fields: Oersted's Effect ; UT version

Magnetic field of coils and solenoid

Magnetic Dip Needle (demo near middle)

Magnetic Fields: Bar Magnet iron filings ; Bar magnet 3D modeler (also horseshoe)

Forces on Moving Charges: Open CRT

Forces on Moving Charges: e/m Tube

Forces on Currents in Wires: Parallel Wires

Forces on Current in Wires: Jumping Wire

Induced Currents and Forces: World’s simplest electric train

Induced Currents: Magnet inserted into coils

Eddy Currents: Eddy Current Pendulum

Eddy Currents: Magnets and Tubes

Eddy Currents: Jumping Ring

RLC Circuits AC: RLC - Resonance

Electromagnetic Radiation

Transmission Line and Antennas: Radiation from a Dipole

Geometric Optics

Law of Refraction ; UT version

Total Internal Reflection ; UT version

Total Internal Reflection: fiber

Total Internal Reflection: Laser waterfall

Concave Mirror UT version

Convex Mirror UT version

Physical Optics

Diffraction Through a Single Slit and Double Slits (circular not so good)

Diffraction through circular apertures

Thin Films: Soap Film Interference

Interferometers: Michelson Interferometer

Modern Physics

Photoelectric Effect

Electron Diffraction (just use small part with good view of rings)

Spectra: Atomic and Molecular Spectra

Absorption Spectrum of Sodium-seeded flame