Physics Applets and Online Courses

Compiled by Andrew Yue - University of Texas at Austin
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Physics Applet Sites on the Web.

Physics Flash Animations:

Demoz Open Directory Project:

Java Applets on Physics:

Fowler's Physics Applets:

            * Physlets created for Dr. Michael Fowler's Physics courses at the University of Virginia.

Small Collection of Applets from U. of Guelph:

Electrophorus Demonstration:

* Animated GIF of this Demonstration
* Glenbrook South High School in Illinois.
Many more animations at

Learn Physics Using Java:

* Animated Java Applets Index by Subject
* Author of the applets : Chiu-king Ng, a high school physics teacher in Hong Kong, China.

Fu-Kwun Hwang's Physics Applets:

* Mirror site at U.H. for Fu-Kwun Hwang's Physics applets.
* As with all applets, downloading them during class is risky business.
* These are useful applets that could be download and saved to disk before class.

Other Physics' Web Sites

Merlot Physics:

AVI Animations of Time Evolving Physics:


* Carl R Nave and Georgia State University present the whole smorgasborg of freshman level physics.
*Quite a volumous assemblage of concepts in physics, with many videos.

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