The Simulations marked with * do not run on the LAIT supported PC computers in Painter.   They will run on your own device with the appropriate plug-ins e.g.  Java for your Browser.  You may need to update these before use.   The other links work on the LAIT computer as of 12/6/2016

Links to Physics Simulations And Animations

Math Review

Trigonometry (Unit Circle, Radians, Functions)

Calculus Graphing Tool

Least squares regression

Vectors: Components, Vector Addition and Subtraction

Vector Arithmetic

Scalar or Dot Product

Cross Product

Unit Vectors


Random distribution from Galton Pegboard

Another version of Galton Pegboard or Quincunx


Orders of Magnitude

Powers of 10

Motion in One Dimension

Displacement and Distance

Animation of Child Dropping Ball on Train

* Connections between position, velocity, and acceleration

Position vs. time of a scooter (you need to twist the right hand grip to accelerate)

Velocity vs. time of a scooter (you need to twist the right hand grip to accelerate)

Velocity and acceleration of a scooter (you need to twist the right hand grip to accelerate)

Falling coffee filter; terminal velocity

Velocity and Relative Motion

Boat Crossing Flowing River

Motion in Two Dimensions

* General simulation of 2D motion

* Ladybug moving on curved path

uniform circular motion

Projectile Motion

Projectile motion

Projectile motion with strobe

Standard Projectile simulator

Projectile simulator with air resistance

Monkey Hunter Animation

Center of Mass

Binary Stars

Motion of Center of Mass

Animation of Center of Mass Motion

Simulation of Center of Mass Motion

Newton's First Law (inertia)

Animated GIF of car hitting wall and driver (sans seat belt) continuing on

Motion of Cart with/without Forces Variable Mass

General Simulator for all Newton’s Laws

Newton's Second Law

General Simulator for all Newton’s Laws

* 1D accelerated motion, horizontally applied force, graphs of speed, etc.

* 1D accelerated motion; force, position and velocity

* 1D accelerated motion on ramp

1D accelerated motion free fall with strobe

Projectile motion with construction of  for force

uniform circular motion

Newton’s picture of uniform circular motion (motion on inscribed polygons and change in momentum)

mass moving in vertical circle

microscopic view of friction

Hooke’s Law

Newton's Third Law

General Simulator for all Newton’s Laws

Action Reaction with spring scales

Static Equilibrium

Bridge and See-Saw

Beam with 2 variable supports, varying force

Gravity and Orbits

uniform circular motion

elliptical orbits

gravity and orbits (includes 3rd body)

Cannon on Newton’s Mountain (trajectory around Earth)

Jupiter Slingshot (practice to get correct settings)

Work and Energy

Simple pendulum

Gravitational PE

Roller Coaster

Energy in Skate park

Racing Balls (path dependence)

Linear Momentum and Collisions

Elastic/Inelastic Cart Collisions

Elastic/Inelastic Glider Collisions on Air Track

* 2D collisions (2 pucks on air table)

2 or more pucks on air table


Linear and rotational velocity

* Torque, moment of inertia, angular acceleration

Video of Precession of Bicycle Wheel by Veritasium

Intuitive Explanation of Precession (no angular momentum vectors)


* Gas Properties

Ideal Gas Law Simulator

* States of Matter

One Dimensional Gas

2D Molecular Dynamics

* 2D hard disk model of gas

* 3d hard sphere model of gas

Video of train car tank crushed by atmospheric pressure

Brownian Motion



Pressure and Pascal’s Principle

* Fluid Flow

3D Animation of Bernoulli’s Principle

Brownian Motion


Simple pendulum

Simple pendulum showing force and velocity

Horizontal mass on spring

3 vertical springs, damping, different g’s

Circular Motion and SHM

Animation of Vertical Spring and Torsional Pendulum

Driven, Damped SHM


Normal Modes

Tacoma Narrows Video

Glass Shattering Video

Wave Motion (and Properties)

Wave on string (force vectors)

Sound waves

Sound wave (with density graph)

Transverse Pulse on String

Longitudinal Pulse on Slinky

Transverse wave on String

Longitudinal wave on Slinky

Two pulses crossing (superposition)

Pulse Reflecting from Obstacle

Standing Waves

Pulse at boundary between different ropes

Pulse reflection (fixed/free end)  

Doppler Effect



Thermal Properties of Matter

* Ideal Gas Properties (1st Law of thermodynamics)

Ideal Gas Law Simulator

* States of Matter (phase changes)

* Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Carnot Cycle

Electricity & Magnetism


Dragging the Polarized Can with Charged Rod

Electric Fields and Potential

Electric Fields of Charged Particles

Electric Fields and Potentials Due to Extended Charge Distributions


* Capacitors (Parallel, Serial, Combinations; Dielectric)


Resistance of conductors and insulators

Resistance in a Wire

Electromotive Force and Current

* Inside a battery and a resistor in a circuit

* AC/DC Circuits                

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic Fields and Forces

* Comparison of Bar Magnet and Current Loop

Field of Bar Magnet

Field of Solenoid

Lorentz Force on Rail Gun (Right hand rule)

Split ring electric motor

Woofer driver

Electromagnetic Induction

Faraday’s Law

Electromagnetic Radiation

EM spectrum

Electromagnetic Wave Movie

* Radio waves generated by accelerated electrons

Radio wave generated by oscillating charge

Geometric Optics

Index of Refraction

Wavefronts bending at boundary (animation)

Law of Refraction includes Total internal reflection

Law of Refraction (wave and ray picture; prisms)

Dispersion of white light by prism (emission and absorption spectra)



Imaging with converging/diverging mirrors


Imaging with converging/diverging lens

Imaging with converging lens

Wave Optics


Phase Change on Reflection on mismatched rope boundary

* Wave interference includes water, sound, and light (single and double slit)

Two point source interference

Double slit interference

Young’s double slit displaying how the waves from the sources interfere


* Single Slit interference

* Optical Resolution


* Single linear polarizer

* Polarization upon reflection

Two linear polarizers (Polarizer-Analyzer setup)

Circular Polarization

Modern Physics

Special Relativity

Michelson Morley experiment

* Simultaneity

Light Clock – Time Dilation

* Twin Paradox

Wave and Particles

Blackbody Radiation

* Photoelectric Effect

Photoelectric Effect

* DeBroglie Wavelength (Diffraction of Particles)

* Davisson-Germer Experiment

Wave-particle dual slit movie

Atomic Physics

Bohr Model of the Atom

* Models of the Atom

* Lasers

Molecular Systems

Interaction of Light and Molecules

2D Molecular Dynamics

* Water molecules in a microwave oven

Schrodinger Wave Equation

Quantum Square Well Simulation (eight lowest states; wavepackets)

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (eight lowest states; wavepackets)

Free Quantum Wavepacket (free particle;  reflection off wall)

* Quantum Bound States (various potentials; superposition states)

* Quantum Measurement

* Quantum Tunneling, wavepackets, quantum measurement

Quantum  Tunneling

Adding Waves (Fourier)

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Antimatter (pair production/annihilation)

Stern-Gerlach Experiment

* Simplified MRI Machine

Nuclear Physics

Rutherford Experiment

Rutherford Experiment (alternative demo)

Decay (Monte Carlo simulation of a realization of a decaying sample)

* Alpha Decay

* Beta Decay

* Nuclear Fission

* Radioactive Dating

Isotopes and Atomic Mass (Natural Abundance)

Solid State Physics

* Conduction in Semiconductors