Course Information

What to Bring

You should have the PHY 103M lab manual (available at the University Co-op), a calculator and a USB drive on which to save your data for analysis outside of class.  It may be useful to have a ruler, and a protractor.


Kaleidagraph (by Synergy)

Kaleidagraph is a data analysis program that we will use quite frequently in this lab. It can perform statistical analyses on data, graph data in several ways, and perform user-defined curve fits. Most of the graphs and all the curve fits needed will be done on Kaleidagraph. A substantially functional demo version of Kaleiagraph may be available for downloading and use on your own computer. Alternatively, you can use computers in our classroom whenever they are available. Only in case of emergency, you can access Kaleidagraph on CNS Server remotely from any computer. You can see instructions here. Please limit your time on CNS server as much as possible.

Excel (by Microsoft)

Excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet program. We will use Excel mainly in Experiments 1 and 5. However, some students may find Excel useful for other Experiments.


ImageJ is a free program that performs various analyses on images. We will use NIH Image in Experiment 5 to analyze a digital image of the trajectory of an orbiting puck. This program is available on the web at

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