Physics 352K

Classical Electrodynamics

Fall 2019


RLM 7.104

MWF  1-2


Homepage link from:  OR multiiple links from Physics Department Webpage


Text:  Griffiths,  Introduction to Electrodynamics  (Fourth edition)

Instructor:   K. Gentle  (RLM 11.216; 471-7581;  Hours MWF 2-3)

Material:   Chapters 1 (review) - 11   (Some selection of topics)

Units:  MKS!


Grading:  Homework:  15%;  Three Quizzes:  45%; Final 40% (Comprehensive)
       No makeups or drops on quizzes.  All grades curved.

(If you miss a quiz for good cause, grades for the remaining quizzes and final will be reweighted appropriately.)

Final:  Monday, December 16, 9-12

Homework:  Generally assigned and due on Wednesdays.

(If you are using the Third edition, please request a conversion for homework assignments.  The editions are similar, but some problem numbers differ.)


Prerequisites:  An introductory E&M course; a good course in vector calculus.

[Read Chapter 1 to review vectors.  If you need additional material, notes  covering the basic vector calculus needed for this course and also notes for tensor calculus for more advanced courses are available on the website.]


You should have had a good introduction to Maxwell’s Equations in integral form.  The principal limitation was mathematical, generally restricting solution to cases with spherical, cylindrical, or plane symmetry, but you should be thoroughly familiar with those solutions. 

In this course, we shall take advantage of vector calculus to convert Maxwell’s Equations to differential forms, better adapted to solving realistic geometries, solve more complex problems, and extend Maxwell’s Equations to a generalized potential form, which is better suited for complex geometries and electromagnetic radiation.


The University of Texas at Austin provides upon request appropriate academic accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.  For more information, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 471-6259 or 471-4641 TTY.  (Requests must be made within two weeks of the beginning of class or the onset of the disability, whichever is later.)