Video Lectures

The archived lectures from Phy 395 T High Intensity Laser-Matter interacations can be accessed below. This class was offered in the fall of 2001 at UT. It was also offered at the University of Michigan via video as Phys 529/App Phys. 629.

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Lecture 19/10/01High intensity short pulse laser technology
Lecture 29/17/01Strong field ionization of atoms
Lecture 310/1/01Above threshold ionization and molecular Coulomb explosions
Lecture 410/8/01High order harmonic generation
Lecture 510/15/01Laser collisional heating of plasmas
Lecture 610/18/01Stimulated Raman scattering of lasers in plasmas
Lecture 710/29/01Solid target interactions and resonance absorption
Lecture 811/05/01Plasma expansion, fast ion production and ponderomotive steepening
Lecture 911/12/01Energy transport and x-ray production in laser plasmas
Lecture 1011/19/01Laser driven shock and blast waves
Lecture 1111/26/01Guest lecture: Prof. Mike Downer - Laser driven wakefield generation in plasmas
Lecture 1212/3/01High intensity laser interactions with clusters
Lecture 1312/10/01 Fusion, cluser driven fusion and inertial confinement fusion (CIF)