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Andrew Yue

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- An Imperfect Photographer -

I shoot film and prefer 6x9 medium format film when possible.   While 35mm film gives a nice documentary look of the world, the 2 1/4 by 3 and a 1/4 inch format get's images looking closer to the really being there look of large format photography.

Sadly, I don't own any perfect cameras for this format.   I guess that makes me an imperfect photographer.   So, the Agfa Record III and the Voigtlander Bessa II are a good fit for 6x9.   Both are bellows cameras that come equipped with rangefinders.

My darkroom enlarger for the 6x9 format is a Durst 609.   Like the above cameras it isn't perfect either.   It was built at least 40 years ago and the build shows it.   Think hammer tone, gray, stamped steel with a dab of chrome.   It's very compact for a 6x9 format enlarger.   In fact it replaces a massive Omega D2.

The Durst 609 is a nice piece of kit.   It lacks any autopilot features.   Everything is manually adjusted.   It is one of the very few enlargers that I've seen for this format that does not utilize bellows between the negative carrier and the lens.   The Durst 609 has a simple metal tube in place of the usual bellows.

Anyway, I received an email from I believe the UK asking for info on this enlarger.   Well here it is.   You may wish to open two browser windows side by side - so you can have the separate illustrions on your right of your screen, as you read through the text of the instruction manual on the left side of the screen.

- The Instruction Booklet -

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