MG's in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa 2000, MGB Excursion to Cape Point

This page was compiled by Andrew Yue

While stopping at a Tapas Cafe on Long Street, I saw my first MG in South Africa,
a Mark III Midget. The booger was going by faster than I could get my camera ready.
I decided to be vigilant and hoped for another sighting. Lo and behold, my brother and
I stumbled onto a sign shown below and the sound of a Harley Davidson idling in the shop.

We planned to rent a car while in Cape Town. Fate had now brought my brother and I
behind the wheel of a British roadster. Add some splendid weather and we were off to Cape Point.

The coastal road to Cape Point passed through a couple of sea side towns on the Indian Ocean.
Seen here is my brother driving on the opposite side of the road that we are use to driving on.

Our objective in the MGB was the Cape Point Peninsula.

It was a gorgeous drive along the coastal M4 motorway from Cape Town.

The above photo is incorrectly labelled!   Both oceans meet at Cape Agulhas, about 230 km East of Cape Point.

After lunch there is a scenic overlook from the light house at Cape Point,
which, by the way, is an uphill climb on foot or you can take a cable operated train.

There is a restaurant at Cape Point that overlooks the Indian Ocean. The restaurant
serves a magnificent Cape Malay style curry as well as an assortment of seafood.

The rubber bumper MGB we drove was immaculately mainained and well
appointed with leather seats. I had a ball. You only live once.

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