Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

You only go around once.

This page was created by Andrew Yue

Victoria Falls, located in struggling Zimbabwe, is nothing short of spectacular.
Film, motion pictures and video do not do such a wonder justice.

This is the vantage point that one sees from the trail head.
The falls extends for about a mile from this point.

Victoria Falls is a gorge that cuts across the width of the Zambezi River.
At the gorge the Zambezi makes a left turn as it plummets down into the gorge.

When veiwing the falls from the trail you are at eye level. Hence, you
are standing on the opposite side of the volcanic rift which formed the gorge.

The shear rock clifts along the gorge drop approximately 300 plus feet to the bottom.
The trail has several spectacular overlooks at several places.

The waters of the Zambezi were colored an orange/brown color due to the February floods.

In some places you stand maybe only a 100 ft from the clift on the falls side of the gorge.

The water cascades in pulsing sheets down one clift with a thunderous roar.
While on the trail side of the gorge a spray of water droplet rises straight up into the air.
Keep in mind that all the spray rising up from the falls is falling back downward as rain.

Looking down into the chasm from the slippery rock ledge above is fun.

At one vantage point you are able to see a double rainbow.