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Andrew Yue's MG Home Page

From beautiful Austin, TX, welcome to my MG special interest area.

Site includes links to local British car events, MG, Triumph and VW websites.

    Links To MGB Technical Personal and Vendor WebSites

    Paul Hunt's MG Web Site: If you need useful techinical data, including vacuum advance curves or available SU needle sizes, his site is both a convenient and accurate source of important specs. Several articles, to include the one on ignition systems better developed than any textbook on the subject. Check out his index: site map

    Sky Poier's MG Experience, is a personal website that covers all of this MG owner's nitty gritty ups and downs of owning a MGB. The bonus is at the bottom of his web page where there are numerous how to links, reference links, DIY links and links to other owners which are essential reading to MG enthusiasts. Check it out. I haven't really done the site justice in describing it.

    Andrew Lundgren's Parts Page : If you need a part to repair your MG, check this link out. His list has most every vendor source for British parts.

    British Automotive Web Page , a very high end performance shop in California. Doug Jackson also can provide reliable advice on what works and what doesn't in regards to performance mods. Great Tech Pages.

    Joe Curto Inc. , is a venerable source of parts for SU carbs. If Joe Curto doesn't have it then they'll know where to find it.

    MGB Electrical Systems: A pretty good series of articles by Rick Astley on the main enthusiasts web site in UK. Provides useful wiring diagrams, along with useful tutorials on theory on ignitions systems to role of relays.

    Images of Carburetor Upgrades for Rubber Bumper MGB's. After twenty years the original Z/S carb on my B was toast. The Z/S was quite literally cooked by the adjacent catalytic converter. I opted for a Weber DGV in 1996, which brought a smooth idle and good reliable operation, but lacked low end grunt. Last year, I installed a pair of SU HS-4's and all I can say is I'm alot happier.

    Weber Sidedraft Carburetors by Paul Tegler: contains how to pages with photos regarding Weber DCOE carburetors. This a huge web site. If you are considering a Weber conversion check out his Weber Spec Page among others on the web site.

    Redline Weber : West Coast Distributor of Weber kits and products. Excellent DGV parts diagram and set-up instructions can be found on this site.

    Weber DGV : Performance Parts Warehouse was my source for Weber DGV parts on my 79 "B" until I switched to dual SU carbs. They were the least expensive DGV conversion that I've found.

    Weber Carbs Info : Top-End Performance Inc has an informational web page for Weber carbs and sells them via the web with performance jetting upgrades.

    Advanced Performance Technology : is a source for Maniflow Exhaust and Intake headers, as well as SU and Weber components. APT is good source for the conical K & N air filters needed for a SU conversion on rubber bumper MGB's.

    MG Engine Tech Pages by Barney Gaylor: contains great engine assembly tips with photos regarding your cylinder head, valve train problems and more. Great for DIY rebuilders, if you are setting your cam timing it's all shown here with a micrometer, along with a degree wheel.

    Bosch Alternator Conversion: by Bob Munch up in Idaho shows a direct bolt in replacement for the stock Lucas unit. I did mine in 15 minutes.

    Waterloo Drivetrains: John Black is a Brit trying make an honest living in America. His drivetrain shop has a modern 5 speed conversion available for the MGB that is worth checking out.

    Scions of Lucas British Car Site, all encompassing web site for your Little British Car regardless of its brand. - The site has a great collection of tech tips for British makes and links to other club web sites.

    Triumph Web sites

    Carl Musson at the University of South Florida and his TR-3A. I found this site while web-surfing one day. I'm originally from Miami, so this Tampa/St. Pete site caught my interest. There has always been a place in my heart for TR-3s.

    The Triumph Maintenance Handbook a must read for all enthusiasts. From carb adjustments to help with alternators this site covers it all.

    HCTC : Hill Country Triumph Club has numerous events and information on Triumph related activities close to Austin. - Here is an older link for the Hill Country Triumph Club.

    Volkswagen Web sites
    I also own a 1969 VW Type II Bus. It is a hand me down that is making a comeback, although its currently playing second fiddle to the MG. Its a 69 Deluxe to which I've repaired the transaxle, rewired the accessories and upgraded to a Westphalia Camper interior. The old Bus made it to Mardis Gras and back in February 2001. It still needs a ton of work.

    Have a VW bus to restore? Check out for tech tips galore and various VW list servers with online service help.

    - The Technical Library An unreal compilation of individually written technical solutions. Check it out.

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