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Volkswagen Bus Parts Suppliers List

This list contains suppliers of aftermarket VW parts from
Solex carburetor jets to transmission nose cone bushings.

This page was compiled by Andrew Yue

Important Note: Some aftermarket parts now come from Asia
and do not meet VW OEM standards. Let the buyer beware.

Air Cooled Engineering is on of the first places that I look when buying a crankcase.   RIMCO in Southern California is another.If you are building an engine from scratch, then step one should be to consider purchasing a crankcase from a machine shop that specializes in air-cooled Volkswagens.   The crankcase is after all is said and done the foundation for your engine.

Like most of my listings, A.C.E works normal Monday through Friday business hours.   They don't have a razzle, dazzle web catalog.   So, you'll need to contact them by phone.

Mailing address and telephone:

    360 W. 6100 South, #A -
    Salt Lake City, UT. 84107.
    1 (801) 943-1234

Aircooled.net is the first place that I look when buying Type 1 engine components.   ACN is definitely the place to go to for carburetors, because someone there definitely knows the ins and outs of proper VW carburetion..

Take note that the business address for ACN is next door to Air Cooled Engineering.

The business philososphy of ACN centers around customer service and to avoid selling many of the crap aftermarket products that other vendors will gladly sell you. - You pay a bit more at Aircooled.net, but avoid hassling with crap parts that don't fit well and have a high failure rate. -

If you are building an engine for your VW Bus and reliability is important, this is your safest VW parts source.

Furthermore, if they have your part in stock - and - you needed it to arrive yesterday, Aircooled is your best bet, once again.

Mailing address and telephone:

    362 W. 6100 South, Unit A
    Murray , UT 84107.
    1 801-453-1906

    Online catalog and the ability to order via the web
    1-800 phone number available during business hours.

Airhead Parts  offers a selection of Type 2 parts from European sources - in addition to many stock replacement parts for a Type 1 Beetle and 141 Ghia.   I like the way the web site lists which parts are of Brazillian or German origin.   Not all parts are from Brazil or Europe.   Some are labeled simply as reproduction.

A couple of things Airhead Parts offers that is uncommon.   After your first order, expect a professional, color catalog in mail, printed on glossy paper, which I like receiving.   Their web site also contains a help forum.   If you own a Beetle or a Ghia, check out their Hi-Def videos in the tech section.

They also still use the original VW part numbers for most items.

Mailing address:

    Airhead Parts (& KGPR) -
    1604 Morse Ave.
    Ventura, CA 93003
    Tel 1-((800) 550-6036 in the continental U.S. only

    Online catalog and Printed Catalog upon request
    Online catalog uses VW part numbers
    1-800 phone number available

Bus Boys  specialize in stocking parts specifically for Bus owners. Many rebuilt parts, to include do-it-yourself ball joint replacement.   Not the least expensive, but high quality supplier of hard to find VW bus parts.   This a small friendly operation that knows Buses.

The first thing I like about Bus Boys is that the same person has been taking my orders for the past 15 years and knows what the differences are on a 1971 VW Bus from a 69'er - unlike the 24/7 Big Box operations elsewhere that ordering operations to a subcontractor.

The second thing I like is they still use the original VW part numbers for most items.

Mailing address:

    Bus Boys, Inc. -
    18595 East Lake Blvd.
    Redding, CA 96003
    Tel 1-(800) 792-BOYS (2697)

    Online catalog and Printed Catalog upon request
    Online catalog uses VW part numbers, with schematic drawings
    No online ordering system - you'll need to call during their business hours
    1-800 phone number available

The Bus Depot  has many N.O.S. parts unavailable elsewhere and most parts are priced about 30% lower than catalog retailers.   Expect a level of service that is more Big Box operation than your more knowledgeable, smallish VW parts house.

Products vary, one year to the next.   This year it may be your only source for N.O.S. German heater boxes.   While next year it may be for those wonderful Brazilian rearview mirrors.   Be advised that their packing for shipping is sloppy - So order heavier parts separately.   Also, their lead time upon ordering is about 2 - 3 weeks to your door - which indicates they do a lot of drop shipping from other vendors. I use them for body parts and difficult to source items.

Mailing address and telephone:

    4801 Gravel Pike -
    Perkiomenville, Pa.
    Tel. 1-(215) 234-VWVW

    Online catalog and ordering system using the web
    Catalog uses official VW part numbers, but diagrams are limited.

    1-800 phone number available for orders, 1-888-819-depot

BUSted BUS dot com - located in Arvada, Colorado stocks used parts specifically for 68-79 VW Buses. - They are basically an online boneyard specializing in Bay Window Buses that have their stock organized in a warehouse - as opposed to your local pick and pull.

Mailing address and telephone:

    15400 W 64th Ave #9E-134
    Arvada, CO 80007
    Tel 11-877-type211 (1-877-897-3211)
    Online ordering system requires you to send in your needs - then wait for a reply -
    Parts are used and/or refurbished and/or rebuilt, unless otherwise specified.
    No returns; be sure you need a part before ordering it.

    You pay online.

    1-877 phone number available

California Import Parts better known as Cip1 Imports.   Cip1 has a huge selection of after market parts - most of which are now sourced from Asia.   I'm including this listing, because if you are on a Walmart budget, your on a Walmart budget.

Note: Chinese parts don't always fit properly and more often than not will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

    Definitely a big box operation.
    Do not expect to speak to anyone knowledgeable about your bus on the phone.
    Check their return policy before purchasing, as well.

Mailing address and telephone:

    CIP1/California Import Parts ltd.
    1123 Fir Ave. -
    Blaine, WA 98230 -
    Tel 1-(800) 274-8337

    Online catalog through multiple pull down menus
    Online ordering system
    1-800 phone number available

 C-B Performance has a comprehensive catalog of high performance engine parts.   Claude's Buggies has been around awhile.

Primarily a supplier for the dune buggy and flashy Hot VW crowd.   CB does have some offerings that may appeal to Bus owners planning to do some upgrades.   Their air cleaner and linkage kit for a dual Weber ICT conversion is especially well done.

Avoid the temptation to by a big valve head or over the top camshaft - unless you plan on removing your heater boxes and don't need low end torque on your Bus.   Also, the new crankshafts that CB Performance are for the most part made in China.

Mailing address and telephone:

    C-B Performance Products - 1715 Farmersville, Blvd. - Farmersville, CA. 932233
    Tel 1-(800) 274-8337

    Online catalog and ordering using the web
    Catalog uses in-house part numbers, lots of photos, no schematics.
    1-800 phone number available

DPR Machine Shop is a source for a counter-weighted German crankshaft, balance rod sets and flywheels.   They also sell Web camshafts.   DPR offers the best cranksaft for the money in my opinion.   I'd rather build with a properly reground German crank, than one of the new Chinese crankshafts that most suppliers are now offering - to include CB Performance.

Online catalog probably does not show their complete listings.   Like most machine shops around the US, DPR is open during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Mailing address and telephone:

    DPR Machine Shop - 2121 Susan Street Unit B - Santa Ana, CA 92704 -
    Tel 714 979-7441

    Online catalog, which I recommend printing
    No Online ordering system at this machine shop.
    1-800 517-5659 Toll Free

Gene Berg Enterprises  is the Mecca for do it right VW engine rebuilders.

Gene Berg is my source for different sized idle and main jets for a Solex carbs when I can't get them from John Connolly at Aircooled.net.

Gene Berg Enterprises fabricates the best linkage assembly for dual IDF Weber carburetors in the business.   I highly recommend their cast iron oil pump covers.

Online Tech Tips are worth a read. Gene Berg is geared to doing business with people who believe precision is paramount to price.

Mailing address and telephone:

    Gene Berg Enterprises
    725 North Lime Street
    Orange, California 92865
    Tel 1-(714) 998-7500

    Online catalog and Printed Catalog
    Printed catalog is 8 bucks and worth it.
    No online ordering system
    No 1-800 phone number available
    Big source for racing parts.

Go Westy Camper Products  has a small site for replacement parts for Westfalia buses.   Full curtain sets, and repro rubber floor mats are available here as well. Printed catalog available.

Mailing address and telephone:

    Go Westy Camper Products
    1230 Mandalay Beach Road, Unit A -
    Oxnard, CA 93035 -
    Tel. 1(800) 469-3789

    Online Catalog with photos
    Online ordering system
    1-800 number

J-BUGs has a complete catalog of after-market parts geared for Bug owners.   More than their fair share of Asian aftermarket parts, but may be priced lower than your local parts store who are selling the same items.

Mailing address and telephone:

    California Pacific/JBugs -
    2040 Oceanside Blvd -
    Oceanside, CA 92054 -
    Telephone 1- 800-231-1784 (USA)

    Online catalog and ordering using the web
    Online catalog uses VW part numbers, no photos, no schematics
    Online ordering system
    1-800 phone number available

Just Kampers is a supplier located in the UK.   If you're looking for unavailable OEM parts, this site may be worth a try.   Everything you'll need to change over a North American Type II to right hand drive.

Mailing address and telephone

    Just Kampers -
    Unit 1 -
    Stapely Manor - Long Lane
    Odihan - Hants RG29 1JE UK -
    Telephone +44 1256 862288

    A good online website for obtain VW part numbers.
    Their online catalog isn't available yet
    Bus Depot is their official US agent.
    No toll free 1-800 phone number available in the US

Rancho Performance Transmissions is a reputable source of rebuilt transmissions for your VW Bus. Let me stress the word "reputable" again, because after removing both the engine and transmission, you'll want your new tranny to last.

If your 30 to 40 year old Bus grinds going into different gears, instead of a smooth click, click, click, -or - worse, it pops out of gear, your tranny may be headed south.

Mailing address and telephone

    Rancho Performance Transmissons -
    1015 East Elm Avenue -
    Fullerton, CA 92831 -
    Telephone -800-304-87266

    Replacing the transmission is work, do it once, do it right.
    Online catalog - no online ordering
    Use the 1-800 phone number for ordering

RIMCO VW is a high-end machine shop in Santa Anna that specializes in air-cooled Volkswagen engines.   They're a good source for crankcases, already balanced connecting rods and numbered camshaft gears.   Custom made cylinder shims are available which allow you to set the deck height pistons to exactly where you want it.

    This is yet another VW specialty machine shop.   If I haven't mentioned it, when dealing with a proper machine shop, try to be knowledgeable with your engine specs and be prepared to wait your turn in their work order queue.

Mailing address and telephone

    Rimco -
    12951 Sunnyside Pl.
    Santa Fe Springs CA 90670
    Telephone 1 800-331-4775
    8 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday

    Rimco now has an online catalog and ordering
    Toll free 1-800 phone number available in the US

Vee Dub Parts Unlimited has been around a while and still maintain a retail store in Huntington Beach.   It's safe to say that they probably have more than a couple air-cooled VWs in their employee parking lot.

Mailing address and telephone:

    Vee Dub Parts Unlimited. -
    17031 Newland St -
    Huntington Beach, California 92647
    Tel 1-714-848-8868

    Online catalog and ordering using the web
    No 1-800 phone number available

West Coast Metric, a glove box size catalog with a complete selection of wiring, electrical needs, rubber seals and plastic parts. Parts are either of German or US manufacture rather than Taiwanese substitutes. West Coast Metric is a VW Hardware store. About 2,000 vendors buy from West Coast Metric, at the wholesale level.

Mailing address and telephone:

    West Coast Metric Inc. -
    24002 Frampton Ave., Dept.W3,
    Harbor City, CA 90710-2154 -
    Tel 1-800-247-3202

    Online catalog and ordering using the web
    Online catalog uses in-house part numbers, drawings are quite good.
    Online ordering system
    1-800 phone number available

Wolfsburg West carries a huge selection of o.e.m. parts. A professionally printed catalog is available Those looking for originality, especially in pre-67 buses should stop here.

Mailing address and telephone: Wolfsburg West - 1051 N. Grove St., - Anaheim California 92806 1- (888) 965-3937

    Printed catalog and Online Catalog
    Online ordering system
    Catalog uses official VW part numbers, parts are pictured in schematic drawings.
    Toll Free 1-800 phone number available

- Last Updated on March 5th, 2012 -