CCMGC Day Trip to La Grange and Bill Jones Vintage Sportscars

This page was compiled by Andrew Yue

The Capital City MG Club took a day trip to La Grange, Texas on 3/26/2000.
Tom Libert organized the event and eight British roadsters of various vintage participated.

The first leg of the trip went off well with almost everyone arriving at Bill Jones' Shop.

There is suppose to be a white MG Midget in this photo.

This is where I first noticed that we were missing a white MG Midget.
The day started fairly cloudy, but became quite sunny and warm by noon.

The best way to describe "Bill Jones Vintage Sportscars," would be to call it a
MG heritage museum with various restorations in different stages of progress.

Ron Shimek eyeing a probable best in class at Salado.

Bill standing in front of a 1959 Jag XK150 and a MG TC.

I haven't seen so many TC's in one place in eons as I saw in Bill's shop on Sunday.

Four of the eight cars that participated in the day's run.

After touring the shop, we then to a tour of the county surrounding La Grange and Fayetteville.

There is a restaurant called "The Oakes," at the end of this run somewhere or did he say "The Elkes."

After taking these photos from a moving car, I realized that I forgot to turn-off the camera's auto focus.

However, I did enjoy comparing the lines of the MGA coupe with MGB GT.
Problematic photos and all, I had a blast as a navigator and camera person.

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